How good is your system

Can you clearly hear the whispers on Seal's Future Love Paradise?
My system is so good that my pet parrot now keeps whispering “Paradise, Paradise, Paradise....”
This is the best thread I have ever read on Audiogon.

Best responses so far--

My system is so good Mikey Fremer is speechless.

Second would be the one from Geoff Kaitt-- the one where the lady appears and his system isn't even on.

I can't top those, so I won't even try.  But, I do appreciate some of the world's best humor-- right here on Audiogon.  Of course, I am aware that you folks are all serious in your posts. :)
heres a better test if your system is resolving. hans zimmermans why so serious in the dark knight sound track. there is a moment i think in the 2 and a half or 3 and a half minute mark where there is a quiet passage with just very strong 30hz note playing. not only should the 30hz note be very well defined and powerful sounding, but you should also be able to hear a marching drum in the right channel, far back, but distinctly audible. if your system can resolve this, imo, you have a good system.


Do not tease us. Tell us, how good your system is. Is it so transparent that you do not even notice you have it?