High-Resolution Audio Demystified - Mark Waldrep

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A low-res file in a hi-res bucket is still..... low res. Enjoy

Location: LA/OC Audio Society sponsored event

Synopsis: Presented by HD-Audio producer, engineer, author and authority Dr. Mark Waldrep, this seminar will explain what HRA is AND what it isn’t! Avoid the spin and learn the reality behind HRA formats, how and where to get it and what hardware you’ll need.

Presenter bio: Mark Waldrep, Ph.D., aka Dr. AIX, has been playing, engineering and producing music for over 40 years. He learned electronics as a teenager from his HAM radio father while studying music. Mark received the first doctorate given by UCLA in 1986 for an electronic music composition. Other advanced degrees include an MS in computer science, an MFA/MA in music, BM in music and a BA in art. As an audio engineer and producer, Mark has worked on projects for the Rolling Stones, 311, Tool, KISS, Blink 182, Blues Traveler, Britney Spears, the San Francisco Symphony, The Dover Quartet, Willie Nelson, Paul Williams, The Allman Brothers, Bad Company and hundreds more.Dr. AIX writes a daily blog at RealHD-Audio.com and runs HRAPlanet.com, information resources for those interested in high-resolution music.

The music industry wants to fool the foolish customers, by hiding the providence!
Glad you posted this link Pokey.  Very helpful discussion by Dr. Waldrep.  Thanks.
This guy has been preaching this stuff for years. There is some sense to what he says with some topics but he is stuck on numbers he can measure. He also comes across as the ultimate authority and focuses on narrow themes that fit his paradigm. 
What is with the hiss?

How about using modern analog! Has he tried using noise reduction? Dolby SR is incredible.