high output mc cartridge into vintage ARC sp-6 preamp?


Asking for knowledge-based input to help solve a synergy/compatibility question:

I'm considering upgrading the lowly cartridge I've been using these past 4 years or so. Thinking to try a moving coil design. But it'll have to be a high output one because I use the phono amp that is in the preamp: a 1989 Audio Research SP-6. (I'm not going to get a separate dedicated phono preamp.)

The cart that has currently caught my eye is the Hana EH, or maybe the Hana SH. The output of each of these high output MC cartridges is 2mV.

Is that enough output for the internal phono amp in my SP-6? The power amp is an Audio Research D90.

Also: the turntable is a Rega Planar 2 with an RB250 tone arm. The Hana cartridge is kind of light at 5 grams - is that compatible with an RB250?

Thanks in advance

Your table is not up to the job of making it worthwhile. Get a good MM. AT VM540ML or Nakaoka MP200. HOMC are not generally the preferred implimentation of MC which relies on short coil windings for lightness -hence the low voltage- and speed. 
Is that enough output for the internal phono amp in my SP-6? The power amp is an Audio Research D90.
The SP-6 has 60dB total gain from phono input to main output, the D90 input sensitivity is 1.2V RMS for rated output. Any cartridge can put out 1.2mV will be adequate.
Years ago I had a setup consist of Clearaudio table and MM cartridge,  Audio Research SP-6C, D90 driving Thiel CS1.6 with great result.
Yes! I too have an SP6 (presently in storage). And two HOMC's that would work well: a Denon  and a Dynavector 20A. But I prefer using LOMC's (Denon, Ortofon, Dynavector, Supex, Coral ...) with a SUT (step-up transformer).

Thanks fellas.
With this info I researched the recommended cartridges and have decided to get a Nagaoka, either the MP-150 or the MP-200. It is widely held that the Nagaokas match well with RB250 tone arms. And those carts get rave reviews wow.

Noromance: just a late follow up 
I went with your recommendation of Nagaoka, got the model 150 (green one), middle of their range. It’s fantastic, a great upgrade, sounds so good. Anyway it was a good tip. Thank you!
Hard to go wrong w Nakagoka, I bet your system sounds wonderful!!! Enjoy the music