Hickok 750 Tube Tester US vs. European Settings

I have a Hickok 750 tester. Do you know if I can use the same settings for all of the US and European 6DJ8 variants?
I have the whole gamut; 6922 7308, CCa, E88CC Ecc88, E188CC.

Same question for the 12A*7 variants.  



On my TV-7D/U there is one setting for 6dj8  and another setting for 6922/7308/CV2492 (the bias is 21 for these three tubes and 20 for the 6dj8).

Minimum values are also different between 6dj8 and 6922/7308.

12au7/5814/CV4003 - the same. 

12at7/CV4024 - the same.

12ax7/CV4004 - the same. 

Not familiar with the 750.



I can't access the TV-7 now (buried), but found notes for my 539C (sold some time ago) and was setting bias @ 24 for 6922.

What does your 750 tube chart show for 6dj8 and 6922 bias?

Anyway, don't sweat the Euro VS USA settings as they should be the same, though there is something slightly different about real CCA's, but I do not recall what as I only had a handful and this was 20 years ago. 



I have a Hickok 605A and here’s my chart. The European E88CC etc are listed. Just need to compare your 12ax7, 12au7 … to the ones on my chart to see if it uses the same settings.

My Hickock manual for my 800 was changed to "24" for the bias on 6922.