Help with Refoaming speakers

I have a set of Revel F52 speakers that I recently noticed cracks and tears in 2 of the right speakers bass drivers rubber rings.

Revel doesn’t refoam them and they no longer have replacement speakers for the base section.

So, do any of you know a reliable refoaming service? The drivers are fine.

I am in the Philadelphia, Pa area but will ship to any company that is great at refoaming. 


I initially did a local search and looked at Millersound. They list the speakers they repair on their website but Revel wasn't one of them. 

I will give them a call tomorrow and see if they can help me out.

Thanks for the response.
As @fuzztone  said, they are pretty easy to replace yourself. I did a pair of speakers recently and they turned out great. However, if you are not confident that you could pull it off, I would think Millersound would do them. I looked at a photo and they look like typical foam surround.

If Millersound won't do it, maybe try SimplySpeakers.
As mentioned above, this is a fairly easy job. I believe I got my repair kit off eBay based on the size of the driver to be repaired which in my case was an 8" woofer of my Snell Type Js, came with a detailed set of instructions with everything needed to complete the task and it turned out great. Enjoy the music