Help me choose a new preamp please?

Well here I go again. After three years of relative happiness with my system I couldn't let well enough alone. I had to sell my great sounding and reliable Air Tight ATC-1 preamp just because I had it too long and was getting bored. A terrible excuse I know. Anyway, I'm now a man without a plan, looking for a preamp, used, under $2K. Tubes are preferable but not essential, a balanced input would be nice (again not a dealbreaker), I don't need remote, an integral phono stage would be a bonus, and I guess that's it. I value a moderate amount of warmth but I also crave transparency. My system as it stands now is I think fairly warm, a Cary 303/200, Cary 300B Sig monos, and Alon Lotus speakers. A few thoughts, a Cary 98P would give me system synergy, BATs and CATs are also appealing, and I'm open to all other suggestions, fire away. And as always, thanks for taking an interest.
I have an Audioprism Mantissa, this is a very good tube pre-amp. There is an upgraded one for sale here on Audiogon.

Note: I don't know the seller

You're saying a SFL-2 over a Line 2? And if so why?
I looked at that preamp it looks great. I've emailed the seller, I hope he responds. He has no feedback so we'll see.
Anyway these are great suggestions, please keep 'em coming.
...because you mentioned wanting a touch of warmth. The SFL-2 will be (slightly) warmer, and in my experience a bit more 'organic' sounding than the Line 2, which is more neutral, although nowhere near as good as a fully modded Line 3 IMO, which is the most neutral of all, yet with proper modifications, extremely full-bodied, and with a jet-black background, quieter, and yielding much deeper bass than a Line 2.

Re: the SFL-2, I find the overbuilt full outboard power supply contributes to the excellent detail retrieval as well. This is why I recommended it as a great 'balance' to suit your needs, plus it is fully balanced if you have a balanced source and/or amplifier.

I have a modified SFL-2 and a modified SF Line 3 as well, and they are both superb, but for different reasons, one using greater negative feedback than the other, giving a slightly different sonic signature. I have owned and heard many preamps, and have settled on Sonic Frontiers (but only the highly modified versions, done by an Electrical Engineer friend of mine who knows the SF gear inside and out).
In that price range I'd also consider the Counterpoint SA-5000. It has tubes in the phono, line stage, and power supply. Balanced outs, but no balanced ins or remote. A great mm/mc phono stage too. They usually sell for about $1500 in good condition. Mike Elliott's mods from make an excellent preamp amazing.
Thanks everyone! Well Dave I took your advice and went for that Mantissa. I'm very excited, and in a complete coincidence I knew the seller from the business world. He's very happy it's going to a "good home" and is insisting on sending it to me to audition in my system before he'll accept payment. A no lose situation!

I think you will find the Mantissa to be an outstanding pre-amp, transparent with a moderate amount of warmth. It is also..DEAD QUIET.

The 6DJ8 tubes have the most effect on it's sound should you roll some tubes. I have liked Siemens E88CC and Amperex 7308's in mine.

One of the best pre in its category is BVaudio P1 preamp. It has all the features, adjustable phono, remote gain and balance program options, XLRs .........and so on.
Check that one out.