HD Radio vs Analog FM

I recently discovered an amazing NPR radio station (music) out of Santa Monica, CA called KCRW. I listen to a relay of their signal in Santa Barbara at 88.7 using my analog Magnum Dynalab 102 tuner. It sounds pretty good but the signal is not the strongest, I have heard this tuner sound like CD quality with other more powerful stations. I also use a Magnum Dynalab indoor antenna.

I noticed that the station I am interested in also broadcasts in HD radio. Can anyone tell me if the signal on the HD frequency will be of equal broadcast quality to that of the analog FM signal. I do not know much about HD radio. It seems that most people listen to internet radio. I prefer to listen to radio the old fashion way, over the airwaves (nostalgic I guess).

I found out that DaySequerra is one of the few HD radio tuner manufacturers around. They have a new unit coming out in Q4 called M4-HD. I may look at once I find out more about HD radio.

With this radio station and my TIDAL streaming account I am very excited by these new sources of music for me.
Because the HD signal is transmitted at lower power than the conventional analog signal, an FM station's HD signal has a much smaller coverage area than its analog footprint. In your situation, you might get better results if you could replace your antenna with a higher-gain, directional antenna. And it's likely that without a better antenna, you'll not be able to receive the HD signal on 88.7 at your present location.

With a better antenna, you might find that you prefer the analog signal to the HD signal. HD radio relies on a lossy compression scheme. Some listeners are satisfied with that, just as some listeners have no complaint with mp3 files.
It also depends on the resolution of the music. A local station here has a vastly superior sound on HD compared to the same station in analog. However other HD radio stations here have only slightly better sound.
Thank you all for your responses.

Bojack and C1Ferrai have you guys been able to compare the analog with the HD signal for KCRW?
As an ultimate comparison, I wonder how internet radio through a high end server would compare to the best of analogue, say an Accuphase T-1100? The only concern with analogue radio is its uncertain future, as inevitably Governments will eventually phase out the analogue signal in favor of digital.