Have you found your "End-Game" speakers yet? I have. And it feels so good!!!

Yes indeed.  Several years ago, the absolutely incredible Revel Salon 2 speakers finally took me off the speaker merry-go-round.  I do believe that I'll be taking my Revel Salon 2 speakers to the grave with me.  What's your end-game speakers?


I would agree with the folks who are very happy, but if the 'money-fairy' dropped a load on them, they'd look again, and some merely higher in the brand they love.

It seems like many missed the point.  "YOUR end-of-game loudspeakers".  Not the best that exist. We argue about that crap all the time.   It was about personal end-of-game which I thought was a great premise...   and leave d.i.y. bragging out...


I believe that would apply to me/current speaker choice...i could buy pretty much any speaker.My current really satisfy...for now.I think up the chain..if i had larger room.

There is no such thing as "end game" for speakers. There are just way too many designs with all kinds of sound signatures at various pricepoints...all with their strengths and weaknesses at any pricepoint. There are a whole bunch of models released every year....i.e. no end game.

However, there is such a thing as the end of a  dude's wallet. When a dude's wallet ends ("end game"!), he tries to convince himself psychologically that he's got his "end game" speaker, etc... Yeah,..yeah...we know all about that schpeel dude...🤣

I think that my Living Voice IBX-RW4 have every sign of being the endgame for me. Wonderfully musical.