Hattor Audio preamps?

Got my eye on one of these. And yes, my system is passive friendly. I've had resistor based passives before, as well as transformer, autoformer and LDR preamps. So I know I like the sound quality which can be had with a passive. Anyone out there have any experience with the Hattor stuff?



I did own one of Don’s preamps and it was very good. I sold it when I went to an Allnic integrated amp. When I decided to go back to separates I thought I’d try the Hattor and I’m glad I did, it’s a great pre. I’ve owned many active and passive line stages and I always come back to passive because I favor high sensitivity speakers and tube amps, which is where they shine. I honestly think if your system is passive friendly, there aren’t many actives that can sound better. Again, that’s my opinion.

Ive owned them all. TVC, AVC, LDR and resistor passives. All are good and will beat most actives in the right circumstances.


"I know you and @mitch2 have Aric Audio amps and Hattor preamps"

@ozzy62 has Aric Audio amps but not me.  I have a pair of 650wpc monoblocks made by SMc Audio using formerly McCormack DNA-1 amps as a starting point.  Actually, I believe the only parts used from the DNA-1s were the chassis and heatsinks!  Mine are the black pair at the bottom of the first grouping of pictures on the home page.  

Although my custom built Khozmo volume controller is passive, I send the signal thorugh a unity gain buffer based on SMc's VRE-1 preamp circuit.  My system is basically the opposite of Ozzy's system that uses high sensitivity speakers and tube amps.


Oh my goodness. Apologies @mitch2. This entire time while reading this thread I had you mixed up with another member who has a somewhat similar user name, but was helpful when discussing Aric Audio and Tannoys in a private conversation many months ago. @ozzy62 thank you for the candid response. Very helpful!

No apology necessary.  Just wanted you to understand that what I hear in my system could be very different than what somebody hears in a system using low-powered tube amps with high efficiency speakers. 

I loved my Hattor passive The Big (dual mono), but sold it as I got a great deal on a Audio Alchemy DDP -1, dac/pre (see Absolute Sound review (March 2016. Later I purchased the optional PS 5 outboard PZ which is an amazing addition

FYI: Hattor offers a input board for it

I own 3 of his KHOZMO DUAL MONO and I own 2 of his HATTOR WITH ACTIVE AND PASSIVE CHASSIS HE CALLS IT the big HATTOR preamp with the full on best packages on both active and passive….I Took it one giant step forward  and replaced all the capacitors in the active with DUELUND and I really cannot express in words the level I’m at now ….the 25K level…..that’s all ill  say…..you will have to raise the roof on the active to accommodate the duelunds but it’s easy just get longer screws and spacers and you don’t even notice it when on shelf….TELEFUNKEN TUBES ARE AWESOME IN IT ALSO…IF YOU DONT feel,like raising the roof the next best musically is the V-caps CuTF CAPS THEY JUST TAKE LONGER to break in if you don’t believe duelund or v- cap are the best ….well….. that’s ok …..

Hi   I'm confused as to the differences between the Khozmo and Hattor passive peamps - is there a simple answer? :-)



"- is there a simple answer?"

Sort of. Two companies run by the same guy (Arek Kallas) from Warsaw Poland, offering a couple of different types of discrete resistor volume controls, but Hattor has the more upscale, complex products with better looking casework while Khozmo offers more simplistic solutions, at lower prices, in more basic looking casework.

Because Arek will customize the builds from either company, you really can have it your way. I use a Khozmo volume control in my main system, but it is made from two separate volume controls (i.e., dual mono operation), has a display and full remote control of L/R volume and mute, plus on/off and display illumination. The attenuators are Hattor/Khozmo’s best using Amtrans AMRG resistors. It is in a Khozmo metal/wood case and has no switching, only a single balanced input and a single balanced output with Furutech connectors.

So, it is a very well made Khozmo badged unit but also very simplistic and in modest but nice-looking casework. The sole purpose is to passively control the volume ahead of a unity-gain, solid-state buffer that feeds my amps, and to allow me to remotely operate volume/balance/mute for my system and to see the result on an easy-to-read display. I also own two Hatter "The Big" preamps, which are very nice sounding units with much more functionality than my Khozmo by providing various single-ended and balanced inputs and outputs, and both passive or active operation with switchable gain from 3 to 9 dB. I used to own their Tube Buffer, which was very nice sounding as well.

Brilliant - I had a feeling someone here would know! :-)

If I opted for the Khozmo dual-mono passive, what resistor arrangement would you recommend?   It would be paired with my Quad IIs and driving Decware HR-1s from a vinyl source. Rplacing the existing Audio Synthesis Passion Ultimate (passive Pre).

I'm more about musicality and soundstaging than clinical detail.

Many thanks!

I believe they still offer SMD Vishay, Amtrans AMRT or AMRG, and Takeman REX (carbon) or REY (metal), at least in the Hattor line.  I suggest emailing Arek directly to discuss possibilities for your specific project. 

My first Khozmo passive had Takeman REY resistors and I later gravitated to AMRG resistors in my current Khozmo and two Hattor units. You may also want to look at this video and do some searches on resistors.