Graham Slee Era Gold V to Reflex anyone?

Good day!
I am wondering if anyone has made the switch from the Era Gold V to the Reflex in the Graham Slee line and if so if you feel that it was a worthwhile change/upgrade? I am currently running the following:

Rega p9/Origin Live Encounter II/Audio Technica AT33PTG(sometimes Shelter 501, sometimes Denon DL-103s)>
Graham Slee Elevator>
Graham Slee Era Gold V

If anyone has compared the two and can offer any insight it would be interesting to hear your thoughts...
No comparison . I was loaned the Era Gold V while waiting for the Reflex to arrive. Clearer , both extremes are more solid and extended. Better seperation of the performers and the music has more life to it. If the rest of your gear is up to it for the little difference , no contest ... The Reflex outperforms it in every aspect for little differance in dollars. The Era Gold V was almost undistinguishable from the built in phono in the Tri Vista 300 I have. The Reflex was a major improvement for me over the latter 2 choices. Cheers. ( Michell Gyro SE MK II, Rega ExactII )
I should add I did buy the Era Gold V when I waited to long for the Reflex but did sell it shortly after I did receive the Reflex unit. I still would recommend both depending on price and the persons other gear.More than noticable differance to me anyways. Cheers
Reflex is an Era Gold on steroids.
Revelation is a Jazz Club on steroids.
Elevator works with both and is excellent. 0.3 mV output cart. max.
I have/had all of them.
Great products very reliable, wide bandwith, silent background.

I have now the era gold V, a very good friend sold me this unit that he buy a new reflex pre phono. I like Graham Reflex is more than era gold v, but two are very good preamps. i used with Clearaudio Maestro Wood on a Acoustic solid classic wood and arm wtb 211 and my friend used the reflex with musikmaker on a acoustic solid wood with hadcock arm ...
Thanks a lot for the responses. Sounds like it would be a solid upgrade rather than a barely discernable one which is what I am trying to avoid. I'm not planning on tons of upgrades in the next couple of years but this one seemed worth considering.