Graham Phantom B44 on a TD124 or a SOTA Sapphire?

I just found a used Phantom B44 arm and it could land on one of 2 tables I am running, Thorens TD124 or Sota Sapphire. Any opinions ?Any one currently running either combination? The thorens is currently running an SME 3012 and the SOTA a Rega RB300 arm, clearly the the Sota is in more need of an upgrade, but I might switch to a 2 arm plinth on the 124... Thanks in advance.  


Sota....  not that the Rega is bad but it's worthy of a better arm.    SME is probably more "correct" for the 124.  Time proven combo for many.

Can't loose either way.   

I'm not sure I've seen the Phantom on a SOTA - are you sure it fits with clearance on all sides? The magnetic outrigging might make for a tight fit.

I got my SOTA Star years ago with a Fidelity Research FR64fx (vintage Japanese arm), and to me that's a perfect aesthetic and sonic fit for SOTA. It's a little on the heavy side (2.2 lbs) but it works. I also preferred 64fx over the Phantom on my other tables. 

I would opine that the Phantom B44 arm is not the best fit for the TD-124. Although it's not quite the same thing, I tried mounting Graham 1.5 and 2.0 arms on my TD-124. It was not my cup of tea. The TD-124 transfers a fair amount of energy to the plinth, and lightweight tonearms like the Graham exacerbate the problem. Maybe if you had a plinth that isolated tonearm or used an standalone tonearm base...?

I think there are much better tonearms for tables like the Thorens TD-124 and Garrard 301. Fidelity Research FR-64, one of the several fine vintage Ortofon arms, maybe even a sound Micro Seiki MA-505 - all would be better IMO.