Grace 714 tonearm....any experience?

I am looking to find if anybody has any direct experience with the old Grace 714 tonearm. That is the one with the teak arm wand. My recollection is that it was pretty pricey in its day and got pretty good reviews; maybe Grace just had a good advertising budget. In any event, if this is a good arm AND suitable for higher mass/low compliance cartridges I may make an offer.

On the other hand if building arms out of hardwoods was the "thing" to do I would assume that more makers would use that as a material; great minds and all that rot.
Grace's salad days have passed in quality and economics. It was a great day she had, and we all learned from her. But there is no reason to persist. My father's Thorens was wood as well. I have one in a box in a dry place, and there she stays.
I had a Grace tonearm on a Linn LP12 over 25 years ago, I can't remember the exact model number but it was a 700 Series model. It was one of the best sounding arms of its day and I believe it probably could still deliver outstanding sound today.
I think it is a Schroeder; ie, the current production wooden arm. I think there is more than one and both are very expensive.
The 714 in mint condition in original box with all accessories went for about 700 bucks; fyi.