Good under 200watt stereo amp for under $800

I figured I would start a new thread now that I have been given the go ahead by the wife to spend up to $800 on my stereo amp.

I've been given some good ideas in the "Under $600" thread and would like to see what you think of these choices:
McCormack DNA-1
Aragon 4004
B&K 4420
B&K 2220
CJ MF200
Odyssey Stratos

Any others to consider?

Love the Aragon... 8002
4004 is very nice also...
8002 just seems more musical imo.
Will drive any speaker you want...
easy to upgrade to cardas copper or other binding posts
built like a tank..
Happy listening,
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I've seen the original Blue Circle BC22 sell used for around $800 since they introduced the Mk2 version. It is rated at 125 watts which may be enough power???

In addtion to the MF200 you may also find the newer Conrad Johnson MF2200 (also 200 watts).
Someone just listed a Hafler 9505 for $650. I have one of these and I love it.
There is currently an auction on A'Gon for a McCormack DNA 1. The price was about $700. last I checked. Great amp for the $
I would definitly consider the Monarchy amps.They are ClassA and you will not get better sound then a ClassA based amp.

Happy Hunting!
You might want to consider this.Exactly the power you were looking for and it will save you $400.
While i have no idea of the type of load that you are driving, personally, i would remove the two B&K's from your list. The newer B&K's are not in the same league as the other amps that you have listed.

Depending on the type of load that you are running and your personal preference in terms of sonic characteristics, i like and would recommend either a Forte' 3 ( Nelson Pass design with 200 @ 8 / 350 @ 4 ), a Forte' 6 ( later PS Audio design with 200 @ 8 / 350 @ 4 ) or a Robertson 6010 ( 200 @ 8 / 400 @ 4 ). The Forte' 3 is more delicate and airy sounding than the 6, which tends to be a little rounder and full-bodied sounding. Both amps are somewhat load sensitive, work better into low impedances and should be left on 24/7. Either can be had for between $350 - $600, depending on condition and specific model ( 6, 6A, etc... ).

The Robertson is a good combo of the two with better bass definition and impact while retaining a good amount of the air / speed of the 3. They are typically more money than either of the Forte's though and much harder to find. Also much more money to ship as they weigh something like 60 - 70 lbs rather than the 30 - 35 lbs ( give or take ) of the Forte's. It is NOT a handsome amp and looks rather industrial though. The beauty lies on the inside and what comes out of the speakers when using this amp.

The older Electron Kinetics aka "Eagle" amps are also nice sounding pieces for the cash and are pretty well built.

All of these amps are "fast" aka "wide bandwidth" designs and can be sent into oscillation when running "wide bandwidth" aka "capacitive" speaker cables like Goertz, AudioTekne, Polk, etc... As such, if you are going to use a speaker cable like this ( and i recommend it ), PLEASE use some form of impedance compensation ( Zobel Network ) at the speaker. Sean

PS... All of these amps are biased quite high. As such, they will run hot at idle. If you get one that doesn't run hot, it is out of bias and will sound like crap.
Sean,so you believe in high\forward bias'd amps also.Well that's good.I have an original B&K ST-202 that is forward bias'd and it's nothing like the stock version of the same unit.
I think this is the reason alot of people like the Odyssey amps so much at present.I have no experience with them,but all the amps I have recently listened to have a sterile ,glossed over vocal signature attached to them which completely turns me off to them.
I thought the Forte's that were A\AB were not as refined as the ClassA amp version.
The Monarchy's are suppose to be close to the Pass Labs amps of what I have been tols and thought thos might be a great amp.
Still do not know what the speaker's JoeW is using?

Paradigm Ref Studio 60v2. Nothing super great or expensive since I can't afford such things ;)
Geez,I bought my speakers for $350,but thenm again I have heard speakers going for $3500 that don't come close.Cost is relative believe me.
Odyssey Stratos are forward Bias'd and I could not imagine it not being musical.You could probably talk him down to $800 to include shipping.
I tell you guys are a wealth of info to a rookie like myself. This field has ALOT of information to suck up. I am trying to gain as much knowledge as possible and you guys are a huge help.

Thanks and keep 'em coming ;)

There is a set of Muse amps at Agon that are nice and another Aragon that went uo today.

There are plenty of amps to choose from there.You just have to pick one when your ready.

I would love to have those Muse amps for my Vertical amping.I've read they are really great for driving the BASS which is what I need.

Happy choosing!
What year did this Conrad Johnson MF 200 amp come out. I dont remember any MF 200 amp. Is this an older amp from the 80s.
Well I used your link for the Odyssey and talked to the gentleman. It looks like we have a deal. I hope I'm a happy customer!

Thanks a bunch guys. Huge help.

I was beginning to think you might never choose an amp.LOL

Seriously glad you got one and I hope it's what you were after.Post your results!

I have heard Klaus is a nice guy to talk to if you need anyhing answerd.
I'm a picky mofo and I like to research things before I buy to make sure I am not getting a poor product. I hate buying things and realizing it was a poor purchase. I feel this is a good purchase.

You might want to consider the wonderful sounding Consonance A100plus. The Consonance products caused great excitement at CES2003.
I have an Aragon 4004 MKII in my system and it sounds fabulous!! I purchased it for $700 and it has served me very well for close to 9 months so far.
NAD 218Thx. Not as extended in the treble as one might like, but great rich body and dimensionality to the music.Throws a huge soundstage and has tremdous bass response.
nOrh's new LeAmpII's are being demo'd at the Midwest Audio Show through the 14th.I am hopeing to get feedback as to weather they are as good as Mike Barnes says they are.They are only $400 a pair at the moment.Id they are gret I will be getting 2-3 sets to use in a Vertical amping setup.

They are rated at 200\w per ch..

This should be real intresting!