Glorious TuneTot ... ???

Review / Not a Review - by Darko Audio
I bought a pair of these back in January of 2019 and have them paired with a 4 sub DBA in a 14' x 10' x 9' room. I don't remember all of the models of the other speakers that I compared them to, but they all were 2-way bookshelf speakers with the exception of the Vandersteen 2Ce Sigs. The other brands that I compared them to were, B & W 805 D3, Focal and Spendor. I chose the Wilsons because I felt the they had best high frequency reproduction.

It was always my intention to go with a bookshelf paired with a sub rather that a floor stander because I could easily move any of the speakers without any help, including up and down stairs.
@audiorusty...Did you have a chance to compare to anything else? I am auditioning the Dyaudio Heritage Special, which are superb, but folks keep telling me to listen to the TT. How would you characterize the sound? Are they hard or analytical in any way? 


When I was looking for speakers, around 10K, I auditioned the TuneTots and found them to be thin sounding with a flat image. I thought the speakers were placed too far apart (they were a good 10 feet apart) and told the sales guy to move them closer together, or add a sub, he refused and he kept telling me they sounded great, but they didn't, so I walked out with cash burning in my pocket. 

Regardless of those issues, which perhaps might be fixed with better positioning, I found them overall too bright and very lacking in bass and mid-bass. And yes, I really wanted to like them. I heard the Dyaudio and liked them more then the TT.

I finally went with Harbeth and a sub. But I would not recommend Harbeth for "Rocking out". They are laid back, polite speakers, detailed without being analytical which suits me just fine. Hope this helps a bit.

The TuneTots seem to have a polarizing sound. I heard them with Bryston electronics and thought they sounded excellent with a wide range of music (jazz, rock, electronic). Another listener in the room did not like the sound at all. I have found other Wilson speakers to be overly analytical, but that was not the case with the TuneTots. To me, the TuneTots felt more relaxed than the higher-end Wilsons.

it is well known among wilson speaker fans that since founder david wilson passed and his son daryl took over running the company, the tweeter on the speakers have changed to a soft dome model that tames the extreme brightness and unforgiving nature that was a defining aspect of the wilson sound

as such, the newer models still have excellent impact and realism but are more forgiving of less ideally recorded music - i suspect the tunetots exemplify this important change

as with any good standmount speaker mated with subs, proper room setup and subwoofer integration are essential for the best sound

This thread is another good example that Wilson has a long history of people either loving them or disliking the sound. I've heard various Wilsons a number of times over the years and never cared for them. 

At $10K a pair, I'm not even interested in having a listen to see if these are any different than what I've heard in the past. Can't begin to tell you how many times I've been told that "this time" they've fixed what I didn't like about the house sound of a particular brand only to find that nothing has really changed. 

But, that's the nice thing about this hobby. Everyone gets to listen and decide for themselves. 

 the tweeter on the speakers have changed to a soft dome model that tames the extreme brightness 

Thats not true. Brightness can depend on many factors. The crossover, the room, your ears, the recording. Dont be so ridiculous to claim that it is all down to the material of the tweeter dome. 

kenjit you are a moron

i am not generalizing, my post addresses wilson specifically and the effect their change in tweeter has made in their speakers

read, comprehend and digest before posting your disagreeable garbage

The old Focal metal dome that Wilson used to use was known to ring at high freq's. When they changed to the silk dome ( Dave was still alive at the time), everyone, including myself, felt this was a major improvement in the high freq SQ. 

The review of the Tune Tot's is a good one, but like the reviewer stated, not of too much value as he did not compare to other speakers at similar price points.