Fully Automatic Tables

I am trying to round up a list of FULLY automatic turntables that would be considered of decent quality. Tables on this list would include:

Yamaha PX2/3.....other Japanese linear tracking tables seem to have been cheap devices for the most part selling a concept rather than a decent product. Correct me if I am mistaken.

Revox linear tracking tables (have no idea of quality but thoughts on this site lead me to not have much interest)

Denon DP47F

Denon DP61F (think it full auto)

Micro Seiki models? Probabaly irrelevent since so few of these were ever sold.

Dual CS 435/455. possibly earlier 601/701 series if in good shape and excellent isolation base used. The CS models might be limited due to their use of that damnable P mount (or whatever it is called).

That's about it. There is one Sony model with some weird servo arm that I used briefly in the early 80s that seemed to be a decent table but I've been unable to find anything on it; some kind of PSX model prefix methinks.

Bang and Olufsen is excluded due to cartridge limitations.

I am not interested in tables that lift the arm and/or shut off only at the end of the record. I am talking about not having to touch the tonearm at all.

Sony PS X800 was a direct drive linear tracking table with Biotracer (servo'd) arm. Was never cheap (roughly $1000 way back then). A technical tour-de-force. Multiple microprocessors. They must have sold it at a loss. Superb performance. Not "audiophile approved".
Lots of luck finding one. You won't get mine.
add the Sony psx 75 to the list...that is the one I remember using many moons ago...well made, solid, tracked very well...one on ebay with opening bid of 100 (no takers so far)
I had a BIC 980 that I really enjoyed back in the 70's. I think they made a 1000 version. Have not seen any lately in great condition.
For BICs try www.theturntablefactory.com. They specialiew in the tables of the 70s (Dual, Technics and BIC).
I had a Technics in the 70's through early 90's, it was automatic. I could have sworn it was a 1200....maybe wrong.
There are more than a couple of the SL Technics series that are full automatics. The 1600 is one such beast and there are others. I have no idea of the relative quality of the technics table, however; history shows it pretty durable in any event.

For Denon tables the "F" suffix might mean "full automatic" as their semi auto models have a "L" suffix which apparently denotes "lift" (observation courtesy of another person).
I have a Technics sl-1600 mk2, which is the fully automatic version of the sl-1200. The specs are pretty good, and it sounds excellent to me, although I've never heard a top-end deck and I make no pretenses toward being an audiophile. I also have an sl-MA1, which I think was Technics "last gasp" at the decent turntable market in the early-mid '80's. It also sounds quite nice (although it's limited by a p-mount). Technics also released a linear turntable at the same time (sl-M3), which others have said is really nice (I've never heard one, but I'd like to someday).