I am no vinyl guy. But as a subscriber of Stereophile, I sometimes read Fermer's column and thought that he is a "mature" audiophile. But his recent reply on the following article was disgusting at the best:

Read his response that starts with " Johnny, Johnny Johnny". He seems to be a frustrated soul, who thinks he invented vinyl. I always felt there was a reason for "vinyl revival". The more the wear and tear, the better for the hardware dealers. No doubt the hardware manufacturers like him so much. They invite him and he posts on the tours on his site.
Fermer states "we" in all his statements. "He" does not like vinyl. "We" like vinyl, are his statements! And the most childish statement he makes in the response was "We are winning". I don't think there was a war. People like music. Period. Forget formats. With the current state of music industry, no one is winning. At the age of 69 I would expect a Stereophile writer to be mature enough to read articles and not be frustrated, especially when some younger writer posts their opinions online.
I am very much happy with my setup. I enjoy to listen to music on my system, which is all digital. I don't diss anyone who is happy with vinyl or tape.I bet Fermer does not enjoy music. He simply enjoys gear and that is why the industry loves him and invites him for tours.
^^^  Czarivey ...

Fremer has an ego, and he can be a bit of an ass, that's for sure.  

I thought the article you linked to was a good one. I enjoyed reading the comments as well. Some really sharp people posting there. Thanks for that. 

On the digital v analog debate:  There is room for both formats in an audio system. I even have a really good cassette recorder/player in mine. My take is, why not enjoy all formats? 

I have to admit, when I really want to get immersed in the music from an emotional standpoint, I go to my vinyl records. There is just more "there there."

Digital is really good. I listen to it most of the time. But ... an excellent record played on an excellent vinyl rig is not just good ... its great. The problem is, and Fremer nailed it in the article, in order to hear what is "great" about vinyl, a mega buck outlay is necessary. Most people are not willing to do that. Also, the storage problem comes into play as well. 


Fremer does lose his temper in vinyl vs digital debates, which is unfortunate. You would think that someone who does so much blissed out listening could control his temper a little better.

I enjoy his no nonsense review writing style. He does say really nice things about digital gear that he reviews, though, and that bothers me when I read him calling all digital crap in discussions like the one referenced in milpai’s post. Which is it?

Regarding his assertion that no one who has heard really good vinyl can say that digital is as good, here is a quote from PS Audio’s owner Paul McGowan:

"And here’s a side note before I continue. Mike (Fremer) loves to demonstrate the superior sound of vinyl to all that will listen. And what’s fascinating to me is he’s right. At Fremer’s home vinyl rules. In every case, when we compare digital audio to vinyl audio, vinyl wins hands down. If you visit Music Room One (Paul’s system), I can demonstrate the exact opposite. So which is right? I think the answer lies in system optimization. I have made every decision in my system in service of optimizing one media, digital. Mike Fremer has done the opposite. And while each of us pays lip service to having maximized media performance of the ‘other format’, the truth is neither of us has really done so."

Well, that thread went off the rails fast. 

Anybody have any reactions to Fremer’s tour of Audio Technica?
I thought it was a good factory tour. Enlightening for me, as I had no idea what the plant looked like where my ART-9 was made.