WOW! That is a pretty awesome look at the inside. As one that just bought a REF5se, it gives me a boost in confidence (not that it was needed) in my choice. In my experience in dealing with the people from AR, I must say they are fist class in people and product.
The two dealers that I have known for years always speak in highest regard in dealing with them at their level as well.

That was a very nice treat, thank Oreganpapa, for taking time to post this link.

Kudos to Mikey for showing a sense of humor and not taking it all too seriously. 
Theo ...

You're welcome. I've been an ARC fan for many years and have owned  a lot of their equipment. I was totally impressed with the video and how it showed the employees attention to detail.  I'd love to take the tour myself one day .. but it won't be in the winter for sure. 

Winter is the best time to go. ALL those tubes will keep you warm!

David Pritchard