Fiber Internet

We received a notice from ATT that they are going to cut off our Internet unless we switch to fiber.  The tech is supposed to be here this afternoon.  Supposedly this won’t cost us anything—we’ll see.  I am wondering if I will have a new IP address, which will be a royal pita because I will have to change the IP address on streamers, Blu Ray players, AVRs, and exciting appliances like refrigerators and dishwashers.  I’ll find out soon enough.  I don’t expect it will make a difference with my Apple Music subscription, since I send that from the phone to the AirPlay on the streamers, but I am curious if others have noticed an improvement with services like Qobuz after changing to Fiber


All those appliances should be DHCP (auto assigned). You don’t need to assign them but possibly restart them.

Just make sure you rename the Wifi SID to be the same as your old one, and keep the same Wifi password.

PS - IMHO, always worth having your own Wifi router instead of using the cable providers.  Cheaper, and more control of things like this

@erik_squires Thats what most say but I have Verizon Fios which has the TV signal attached to the router as well as the ethernet so how or where can you get a better router to replace it?

@evank You attach your own Wifi router to the Verizon modem or router via Ethernet. By law, they can’t force you to use their wireless router, so when you call and say you don’t want to pay for their wifi, they will disable that feature remotely.

Worry about what might be?

No one can solve a problem that might not exist.

You attach your own Wifi router to the Verizon modem or router via Ethernet.

And when you do set ATT modem/router to IP pass through mode, to avoid double address translation.   My ATT doesn't allow "Bridge" mode, since they want to keep some functionality, but IP pass through is essentially the same.

So I didn’t have to chang IP address,but I am not noticing any particular improvement in streaming