Fern & Roby Raven iii

I am very interested in this speaker.  Is there anyone out there that owns a Raven iii or who has heard one?  Any feedback would be appreciated.




I heard it at CAF this past year the F&R room always sounds good and that Raven was making some nice sounds. I didn't get a long audition they were pretty crowded but it sounded very promising.

I visited them at their shop about a year and a half ago so my memory is a bit faded. As I recall they sounded very nice with a wide and realistic sound stage. Bass was solid and musical and better than I expected given their size and single driver. And the woodwork is superb. I considered them for a while but my amp, which has damping factor, might not have been a good match for them. 

@bobheinatz - Did you end up purchasing those Raven Three speakers? If so, would love to hear your impressions. 

How would they  Sound  with my BAT audio  Vk52se pre amp & rex3 amp just want to move on from my 40yo Thiel 3.6 speakers. Thank You