Favorite Bert Jansch solo CD

Just started to revisit some of the Pentangle releases and was wondering about the Bert Jansch solo stuff that followed. (I lost track of him by that point.) I suspect that there's good music to be found there and any recommendations are appreciated.

I have Crimson Moon on CD, and Rosemary Lane on vinyl. Both are excellent. If you like the Pentangle, you'll like them, no question.
Just making sure you're aware of the pre-Pentangle albums Bert Jansch did, as well as his solo albums during the Pentangle years, which are utterly outstanding...
Thanks all for your time and advice.

I have most (all?) of the Pentangle stuff and "Bert and John" (their pre-Pentangle collaboration). I'm more focused om the side project and post Pentangle material fom Jansch.

There are some good pointers here