Earmark Bert Jansch LPs

I've been a big Pentangle fan for a few years now, but only started exploring Bert Jansch's solo albums recently. So far I only have Rosemary Lane on (original) LP, and the person who sold that to me is hopefully selling me a copy of Bert & John soon.

Anyway, has anyone heard any of the Earmark reissues of Jansch's early solo records yet? I'm a bit gunshy about buying Earmark releases without knowing about the quality beforehand, since some of their releases are great and others are terrible.
I've got the Earmark pressing of "It Don't Bother Me", and I am quite satisfied with the quality.

As far as albums go, "Bert Jansch" and "Jack Orion" are my personal faves, but I don't have the Earmark pressings of those.