Extreme distortion and volume change on tidal

Over the last few weeks, every once in a while, when listening to title through my Aries G1, I get extreme distortion and it seems like the volume doubles


I guess I needed to ask a question! Has anyone experienced this while streaming Tidal. I have an Aries G1 - Border Patrol DAC and Primaluna Evo 400

Check the bit rate.  It may be that the Aries isn't correctly switching resolutions when your music does.

I've experienced volume going to max when using DSP volume on various DACs or streamers.  are you controlling volume with the DAC or Steamer?

The distortion is probably just from the excessive volume.  


The PL is an integrated amp, so volume control at the amp. The bit rate explains why it only happens on some songs. I normally listen to the mixes on Tidal, so possibly some differing bit rates from the different song selections. I’ll stick with albums until I get it figured out. Strange how it started all of a sudden. I’ve had the same setup for a couple years.