Excellent IC's yet a little mellow up top?

I am wondering if there is an all around great interconnect, yet is a little mellow in the upper registers? Meaning not a ton of energy there but still good 'air'. Would be nice if it was in the $750 to 1k range but I will consider more if it is well recommended within these traits --IF it even exists!

MIT ICs I have tried are excellent and mellow up top compared to others I use. I think you can find MIT ICs for less than $750 that fit that bill. I'd recommend trying those first before dropping big bucks on wires.
Best bet would be a pair of Jade Vermeil, small manufacturer, but here is a link: Jade Vermeil Gold.

If you want to stay with a "big name" company, try Tara Labs, they are musical yet still have some air. There are a lot of cables that will be musical, but most won't provide much air in the highs.
Thanks. Ill pass these few along to my friend, Im sure that will be enough for him to chew on... I think it might be his power cord but Ill shoot these companies his way. Thanks agin
Also consider the KCI Silkworm. They have the traits you are looking for IME.
Post should of read -my friend would consider more if...- but it appears this is not the case. He definitely would like to keep it at 800 or so and no more...
He was wondering about Morrow but I dont know anything about them. I cant talk him into a we balanced cable like I have (Wywire)
Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference I, the original version, has those characteristics and should come in way under his budget. Don't go for Matrix Ref II, not the same animal.
The Auditorium A23's, wonderful cable but they are a little mellow in the highs.