Esoteric Amps with Revel Salon 2 Speakers

Would low watt Esoteric power amps work well with Revel Salon 2 speakers.  I keep reading the Salon 2s need a lot of power.  However, the dealer says "current" is clarity are more important.  Does anyone have an opinion on this?  Thanks.


I had the parasound A 21 250/425 and also the Hegel H360 that has similar power ratings, but is more neutral than the A 21 yet both didn't have enough to get the bass the salon 2 are renowned for. Also, if I tried to drive the speakers to 90+ db levels amps would go into thermal shutdown.  The gent I sold the salon 2 to used Mac MC 601's and had no such problems, however he said that even with 600 wpc the clipping lights would occasionally start blinking on the Macs. I wouldn't buy any amp without trying first because they are quite good when powered correctly.

I don't know the Salon speakers so maybe my comments won't be useful. 

I have PMC Fact 12 speakers which have a sensitivity of 84dB.  I tried out an Esoteric S05 amp with them and found they could play loud enough in my 12' x 18' x 10' room.  They were also very musical.

I am now trying out the Esoteric S02 which is class AB.  Pretty well as musical I'd say but more grip. 

I gather the S02 has been discontinued; no longer available in the US.  I'm in the UK and my dealer said he picked up one of the last available ones.  I imagine one might find a second-hand one tjhough.

While the Salon 2s will play with lower powered amps, the designer has been quoted as recommending a minimum of 500 watts for the best performance. My experience with them confirms this, they simply come to life with a new level of performance and effortlessness when paired with such a powerful amp.

They lack dynamics on lower powered stuff. They need massive power to be dynamic. 

I believe the Esoteric F 01 and F 05 are class A amps.  You need to know the amount of current they can put out.