Erhard Audio?

Don't see much discussion about products from Erhard Audio. I am mostly interested in his 60 watt/channel "Elvis" amplifier. Any owners here, or anyone know the quality of this stuff?


yes, most who buy it are off listening and done, no need to keep searching, few buy/try resale as a few folks I know kept looking for used. Holger’s EH preamps and amps are fairly well praised by their owners. A friend has his 6SN7 based preamp, and with the right vintage 6SN7s, they like it, even compared to others at 2x-3x the cost, fwiw. For reference, the guy also has had Shindo and Inspire preamps, and wanted the option of tone controls on the preamp to help slightly tame garbage recordings from high-res streamed content. It works well for him, on the preamp side. As for amps, only references and referrals.  

re: Amps,
I was close to buying the Elvis amplifier or the Holger’s Ehrhard "Buddy" Monos, and the only reason I did not is I live close to another boutique amp boulder instead, and wanted Monos that could run KT150s at higher plate voltages. However, "close" is not good enough, never heard it, so take that for what it’s worth. He use to build some nice Dynaco clones too, has replacement parts for Dynaco too, or use to. More than your average P2P builder. 

The other real new-audiophile bargain from Holger is that little "Basie" EL34 based integrated amplifier for under 2k. Never heard it, would like to though, I understand the preamp inside is similar to the native Pre.

Never asked if he would do a demo/return or not. Good luck.
Thanks for your reply. I have a Don Sachs pre on order, should ship by the end of the week. I was also considering his Kootenay KT-88 amp if I like the preamp. But the Erhard Elvis is on the radar too. It looks the business for sure.


I sent Holger a message yesterday inquiring about a demo. Either the "rona got him, or he's just got too much business already. Either way, a response would be nice, even if it's only to tell me to "pound sand"...........


I saw a few audio shops go dark recently with covid-19 not able to operate, yet I see his e-bay store is open and he sold some upgrade kits and preamps recent as 4/24. May take a few days for reply.  

You might also try messaging him via e-bay contact, goes by same name for his store Erhardaudio. Sending link here,  if it does not get filtered or stripped by agon...cut, paste and squish back together and replace word dot with a period ...for his store

h  t  t  p  s : /  / w w w dot ebay dot com / str / tubenirvana 
Ozzy, I have the Sachs amp and Preamp.  They are both tremendous performers.  At least to my ears they are excellent performers.  

Don had slowed down on his equipment building schedule so it is good to hear that u are getting one of his creations at present.  

There are several small boutique equipment builders like Sachs, Decware, Eric Audio, Supratek, etc that make some outstanding gear ar very affordable prices.  

Life in the Audio high end is really good these days....