ENGLISH ELECTRIC EE-1 High-performance network noise isolator ? Yay or Nay?

Anybody personally road-test this brand new new streaming noise and jitter isolator offering from CHORD, just released ?









I use a pair of Ethernet isolators in my home from EverStar at the end of very long runs, but mostly as a surge protection device.  They work fine as best I can tell.  The surge protection comes from the ability of very long cables being more likely to pick up an induced EM pulse (i.e. lightning pulse) that could break through the usual Ethernet isolation.  The isolators add about 4kV of surge protection.




These network switches don’t “add” anything to audio per se …,what they are designed are to do is “reduce / eliminate “ network and router noise and jitter in streaming .

We all intuitively exercise caution on new things, but as I see it, unless you have a a high-end streamer in a high-end system, it becomes a question of cash outlay versus value received matrix debate , in the streamer noise floor reduction and streamer jitter reduction 

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”


Here’s a bevy of respected reviews - both text and YouTube - that assess these devices as “anything but” your suggested abbreviated edit as “snake oil”

I’m most curious as to what do the grassroots AGON-ers have to say based on their live experience. There are numerous alternate brands and escalating pricepoints ….


















more unqualified sniping without actual personal experience: you really should have better things to do. It‘s trolls like you who spoil using this forum for others.

antigrunge2: You asked for opinions, and I gave you mine. If you are so easily offended, you may consider replying to a discussion instead of initiating one, and yes, I do make great use of my time by not even giving that device consideration, nor wasting time clicking at the links you provided. A data signal regenerator is the proper device for the job.

Jitter is not present in transfers since Ethernet doesn't work in real time (data in packets) and I doubt that electrical noise injected by the cable can affect sharp edges of DAC's internal clock enough to create audible jitter artifacts. 
Electrical noise reduction is always good, but ask them about return policy (why to keep it if you cannot tell the difference?)


I you want to be efficient with your time stop sniping without experience. I use a Pink Faun Isolator with outstanding effect, so know that your comment lacks grounding in fact. And btw: nothing is further from my mind than to ever solicit an opinion from the likes of you.

I run my streaming from the high speed router I got from AT&T wired  to an Eero system that sends the data wirelessly  to the Eero unit that my streamer  connects to wirelessly.  In this set up, would placing one of these devices (or similar) between the att router and the first Eero unit make any difference .  My streamer chai is a highly modified Bluesound NODE 130 - Phoenix USB - Gustard X26 Pro. Or would it be better to replace the ATT router with something else?


I‘d suggest to use it even before the route, alternatively between router and switch is a good place, too. Pink Faun suggests to use it directly into the streamer and as each system reacts differently tryong it out everywhere is the best approach