Emotional connection

I suspect most that have pursued high end audio / music started with the emotional involvement when young. The time when emotions drove much of of our aspirations and behavior. For me, Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young when reproduced better than I had ever experienced it in the ‘60s or 70’s… Ohio, can be overwhelming. College tunes we played at the “underground station” we created for folks up all night tripping. Trucking… “The Grateful Dead”.

As I progressed in life… music followed me into remote locations in Nevada looking for gold, in Japan as I fell into the culture experiencing what it was like to live as a native… Scotland, definitely my emotional home… Capercaillie … capturing the spirit of Scotland. I loved the band before living in Scotland. The music my system reproduces sends me to those places and let’s me celebrate the experiences and emotional connections I have had in my life. The more musical… the more involving and compelling.


Absolutely true. Some days the feeling is a bit distant, and other times very close and poignant. I think that's why most of us are in this pursuit. We crave the connection, and we have a certain reverence for the gear that can take us there.

I think that the music you were listening to in high school imprints on your psyche and stays with you emotionally. You may branch out later into other types of music but the memory stays. 


... and if certain botanicals were involved in the initial listening experience(s), the "imprinting" might have been even deeper than it would've been otherwise!  ;o)