Eagles One of these Nights - run off area wording

Going thru some of my old LP's, Eagles One of These Nights, Asylum Records, 7E-1039, and in the run off area it's hand engraved with the following:

DONT WORRY ---- (on side one, with the 3 dashes)

and on side two,

--- NOTHING WILL BE OKAY! (with the 3 dashes)

Anyone familiar with what importance or significance this engraving is? I haven't surf'ed for an answer, but suspect someone in this forum may be able to put an answer to it. Yes, I have thought about AA asking on as well. Thanks
Don't think there is much meaning to it. Just a joke. On my lp copy of On The Border it said "He who hesitates is lunch" Go and figure.
On my Hotel California album, the engraving near the label on side 2 says (if I remember correctly); VOL is five piece live! VOL = Victim of Love.
I am going to check the other Eagles album(s) I have for similar enlightenments.
My copy of the Eagles, "On the Border" has the same, "He who hesitates is lunch", but was xxxxxx'd out. It's still legible. My other Eagles lp's are without addendum.
That's damn near unbelieveable -- Keep 'em coming, it's interesting now.

I've had the album since it came out, played it many, many times, and first time I noticed it.

The engraver must have had alot of time on his plate.
On my copy of Hotel California - Side 1 says "Is it 6 O'clock yet?" Side 2 says the same as Jsd's (VOL is five piece live!)
According to the 'wisdom of legend' at the time, the engraving on Hotel California was done by the producer Bill Szymczyk. As the story went, VOL was recorded live in one take, and Szymczyk was particularly proud of it.
I'm facinated with this whole thing now -- may run down to my local used record store & see if their albums (if any) have this uniqueness.

Let me ask --besides JSD52756 -- did you know the engraving existed??
This really isn't all that unique. Way back when albums were the norm and the makers were occasionally whimsical (or downwind - your choice) there were quite a few albums that had engravings. Some had meanings that were easy and accessible, some totally cryptic. It certainly wasn't every album in the store but it was an inside thing for a while. Without the Internet, getting the meanings for the most cryptic ones was an amusing and mostly word-of-mouth game.
It's actually quite well known.

Another interesting deadwax engraving are the phrases "Do What Thou Wilt" and "So Mote Be It" on sides 1 and 2 of original Led Zeppelin 3 pressings.
Went to the local LP shop and found 3 issues of One of These Nights; only 1 had a cryptic engraving & it was what I had on my copy.

Bored?? To say the least -- intrigued, is more like it.

Thanks Audiofiel -- will now take a closer glance at the run off from now on.

Investigation over/case closed. Ha.
How many of you did the whole Beatles Paul is Dead trip? I confess. Still pretty cool all the clues and what not that went along with it even to this day.
Wireless200 -- that was BIG news back then (when there was REAL news & only a 1/2 hour at that).
That is a first pressing. The reissue a year later did not have the A in the catalog # nor the deadwax notations.