Digital vs 8 Track


Have a great day wherever you are, and enjoy the music no matter the format.

Playing a third or fourth generation 8 Track (on a Craig of course) of a live Dead concert while driving to a Dead concert. What on Earth could sound better then that? 8 Tracks rule. Ummm, what year is this again? 
Tape doesn’t jam, silly. The splicing tape gives way. I’ve fixed ’em. PITA   
Of course self recorded ones are far superior to high speed duped commercial tapes.
Craig Power Play... In dash or floor mount...

4 track? I never had one.. The Beta era thing too, ay? VHS vs Beta?

Everyone knows 8-track wins. Assuming the tape doesn't jam into a big hairy mess.

No, wait, now that I think about it, even then.
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