Did not give it enough time on the first go-around?

Have you ever circled back to realize later you did not give some new component(s) in your audio system enough time - possibly overlooked it too quickly on the first go-around: 

For example, i.e new speakers, tubes, or interconnect cables, maybe other "lower-level" versions you rotated out too quickly before jumping back to more familiar or higher grade ones... A few of my "best of overlooked" are below. 

Care to share some of yours?



  • Tung Sol KT120 output tubes / new reissue Tung Sol 6SN7GTB


  • Analysis Plus Copper Oval-In single ended RCA cables




We are always looking for greener grass. Sometimes you realize your mistake long after you sell something. All part of the learning experience.

@chorus Hence the "trial period".

Can you share examples.. Are your local dealers offering free trial periods -or- are you buying / paying for shipping components back and forth, in some cases dealers asking trial’ees to pay up to ~25% restocking fees for returns. Trials can be tricky, particularly for large and heavy items, amps, speakers.  

What type of components are you referring to doing "trials" on?



@chorus If you buy new, all components. Used you need to be sure.

It's rare to see anyone who is sure getting it right on the first try, particularly with speakers, amplifiers, and proper matching in a given room setting, new or used.   

Many senior members here owned notably different gear 4-5 years ago. Curiosity makes it very difficult to stay put, sometimes. Best of luck to all on that effort :)