Deleted playlist in Qobuz

Is there a way to restore an accidentally deleted playlist in Qobuz?


A playlist, in terms of its size, is literally nothing in comparison with the other things that Qobuz stores on its servers. I cannot believe that there is no backup or some period during which a deleted playlist is stored just in case. Unfortunately, there appears to be no way to communicate with the Qobuz people directly.

how did you manage to delete your playlist ?

before it happened, isnt there a message that warns one that this is going to happen if you continue ?


guess you have to start all over.....

I thought I was deleting it just from the downloaded music on my phone...

well, hopefully you can make  your list again.

Kind of ridiculous. With so much pretty much useless info stored (I mean this incredible music resolution), not to store such a laborious small piece of info...