Dedicated circuits and upgraded ports

I've been searching the forums for info on dedicated power lines and upgraded ports but the info is scattered. Is there by chance a single helpful resource for doing this kind of work? I've decided Porter Ports are the ports to install (or PS Audio ports as a backup), but it's the wire and wiring that I can't get my head around. I'd like to know how to best communicate to my contractor what to buy and how to install it. Anyone out there know of a single great resource for this type of project? Or can you provide the executive overview of what to do? Thanks!
Hello Budrew. Here is a link to an old thread here at Audiogon. I had to really search to find it.

Glen is an electrician and although he has not posted here in awhile, I believe this old answer is close to what you seek.

Good luck with your project!
I would recommend Alberts ports,.. agreat place to begin any electrical upgrade...
Budrew, I poured over the threads here for several weeks regarding this subject, there truly is a lot to read and digest. In my search, I also came across several folks here on Agon that I developed an e-mail dialog with that was imensley helpful. At the end of the day, my conclusion was to run two dedicated lines (I only have two components) each consisting of romex 10-2 from a 20 amp breaker to a Porter Port. These breakers are on the same phase of my panel because I wanted the voltage differential between the hots at the outlets to be 0 volts vs. 220 volts. The Porter Ports are mounted in a double plastic box. The grounds of my panel are attached to the waterlines (code in my state) as well as an 8' grounding rod. I have read somewhere else here on Agon from a person much wiser than I that electricity should be considered as another component, it's that important, after this project, I agree. One last thought, always follow code with this stuff in your state regardless of what you think will sound best. I hope this helped, good luck, let us all know what you decide.