Dan D'Agostino Interview on/by 'Steve Guttenberg On YouTube'

This is a terrific interview and episode on Steve's YouTube effort. 

Dan D'Agostino in person:

Thanks for the link. I’m glad that Dan got back to listening as well as measuring. It seems that it worked out well for him.
Steve Guttenberg puts out a fun daily video that I find worthwhile subscribing to. The Audiophiliac.

Paul McGowan( PS Audio) and Nelson Pass (Pass Labs) at their respective web sites  have also discussed their approach to using test equipment to confirm a basic design and then the importance of "voicing" the design by using a lot of listening sessions.

David Pritchard
@david_ten  That was excellent and insightful.  It was great hearing a designer's perspective about the limitations of measurements and how they don't necessarily equate into what's "musical".  I'm sure the same can be applied in the analog versus digital debate.  The cleanest signal isn't necessarily what nurtures one's soul.  Music goes so much deeper than an electronic signal and has been embedded in our DNA way beyond human's use of electricity.  Sometimes we need to suppress our urge to quantify music.
I will watch later! But the average  audiophile can't afford his gear unfortunately!😔