DAC upgrade

Let me start by saying I am a vinyl guy, but digital streaming, particularly if I can achieve the right sound has many advantages. My 2 channel equipment is as follows: 

Rogue RP-1 w/ NOS Brimar CV4003, LSA Warp 1, KEF R11’s, Rhythmic F12SE, Pro-ject 1Xpression w/Hana ML, Rega Aria, Bluesound Node, Marantz CD6007, Schiit Modi Multibit 2. Good to very good power, speaker, interconnect cables.  
My weakest link (I believe) is my DAC.

My desire is the best sounding DAC below $2,500, but certainly don’t mind spending less. i want the DAC to be as good as my best current component. I don’t need a DAC with preampliflication, don’t need balanced, don’t need headphones, however I would not eliminate a DAC with superior sound with those features. I do prefer a small form factor.  
My current top contenders are:

Chord Qutest, Schiit Yggy, RME ADI-2, Topping D90 III.

The Chord checks all my boxes… reviews, sound, form factor, no unneeded features, etc and don’t mind its quirky lights… but, looking your thoughts/ recommendations.  Thanks!




Pontus 12th Anniversary here. My 2nd choice is Benchmark DAC3. These are both outstanding units. The Denafrips is really natural sounding. The Benchmark is very detailed.

Take a serious look at the Benchmark Dac3. I had paired with an Ayre preamp and Mark Levinson Amp and sounded amazing.  

Chord Qutest is s very safe recommendation. Check out US Audiomart. Pick up a used one, save couple of bucks. 

I a/b'd the Qutest with the PS Direct Stream with Bridge.   I felt they were very close.  I picked the PS for 3 reasons 1.  PS Audio Support.  2. Readout on a screen as to what is playing and what resolution.  3.  XLR.   You can get them at TMR for less than $2k.   I heard the RME at a friend's- he replaced a Yiggy - I thought the Qutest and PS Audio sounded better.