Cullen Gold Series Power Box (6 Outlet Receptacle Strip)-Review

I just received my Cullen Gold Series Power Box (6 Outlet Receptacle Strip) a few days ago. I only have three components but I also planned to plug in my Sony TV and a Furman power strip I use for my Network Extender and Ethernet Switch. My components:

Streamer(Aurender N20), DAC(MSB Discrete)  and Amplifier(AHB2).

The Streamer and DAC were original plugged into an APC Power Strip and the Amp directly into the wall.

I ordered the Power Box with the optional Crossfire Power cable which is hardwired into the box.

I plugged the Streamer and DAC into the Power Box leaving the Amp plugged into the wall.

My system had sounded really good prior to adding the Power Box so I was not sure what to expect however I immediately noticed differences in the sound characteristics.The soundstage was more open and the vocals especially female were more relaxed and natural. So far so good. However I also noticed an issue with the lower treble and I'm not sure how to describe it. It was a cloudyness. Not harsh or aggressive just some muddiness and lack of clarity. I attributed it to the need for the power cord to burn in. So I just continued to listen. After a few hours I decided to unplug the Amp from the wall and plug it also into the Power Box. Surprisingly for some unknown reason that removed the treble issue and really improved the overall sound very noticeably. Possibly the improvement to the Streamer and DAC exposed the noise on the Amp's power cord. In any case the system now sounded the best I've heard it. Very relaxed, calm, quiet with a very detailed soundstage and a very smooth high end. Been listening now for a few days with all types of music: Pop, Jazz and Classical. Everything sounds natural with no hint of glare, sharpness or any  lack of clarity. A very inexpensive upgrade.

So I can highly recommend the Cullen Gold Series Power Box (6 Outlet Receptacle Strip) especially with the optional Crossfire Power Cable. It also can be purchased with 4 receptacles. The receptacles are Audio Grade Pass & Seymours.

I also purchased a Cullen Crossfire Power Cable that I will eventually use to replace my Amp's stock cord. I'm awaiting delivery of a new amp so I will wait until I listen to it with its stock cord plugged into the Power Box before swapping in the Crossfire.


I was just looking on the Cullen site for an outlet box.  I assume you bought it direct from them?  How long did it take from order to receipt?

Yes it’s on the site. Took about 4 weeks to get it. Patrick said he was backed up with orders. But he does give you updates if you ask. Was worth the wait. 

I have two of his power receptacles and they worked fine, but I went further and got a AQ Niagara 1200 to clean up the noise that I didn't know was on the line until I tried it (I live in an older apartment). YMMV.

All the best,