Question about electrical outlets

I have a pretty basic headphone based system - headphone amp, digital and analog sources. There are six components total which need to be plugged in. Currently I have all 6 plugged into a Wiremold power strip which is plugged directly into a outlet.

If I were to separate my components, say digital into one power strip and analog into another strip and then plug both strips into the SAME outlet would there be any electrical "isolation" achieved by separating the components this way? I don't currently have a second decent power strip to try so I wanted to get some feedback before buying another one.

Thanks in advance for any insight!
Something to try with your existing setup - if possible...

Assuming your outlet had two sockets - plug the headphone amp into one socket and the power strip into the other
- then plug each source into the power strip (one at a time) and listen.

The power strip you mention is not really doing you any favours, since the clamping on the plug is probably not the best

I would try a simple power distribution bar - like the VT-EXT EQUIPMENT RACK POWER DISTRIBUTION bar from Furman for around $60

You might find other products that incorporate "Zones" which do provide a level of separation between the zones

For "entry level" power distribution Furman is one of the better products and most affordable and they are quite well made - there are many other solutions out there, including power conditioners.

I have used Panamax power conditioners that also provide 2-3 zones

Again there are many different makes out there, but furman and Panamax are pretty good
Thanks for the reponse. I will check out the Furnan products and try adding components 1 by 1 and see if I can hear any differences.

The wiremold power strip is the one built for Naim and is supposed to be a decent minimalist design - no lights or extra circuitry. I know that digital stuff tends to bleed electrical noise back into the line so I thought maybe getting the analog components on their own strip might have some benefit.

I doubt very seriously that two power strips into the same outlet will accomplish anything. Two dedicated lines from your service panel would work, but that would make sense for a bigger system, not just headphones. Look for something with "Digital Filter", "Isolated Filter Banks", etc. There is various terminology that different manufacturers use, but the product description should be clear as to what they do.
Apologies - the first time I Googled wiremold something else much less Impressive came up - you might find the Furman power bar will not perform any better than the wiremold.

A power conditioner might be your next best bet. This cleaned up my system until I could implement a much better power bar

Checkout the Furman PST-8 D - a little on the pricey side, but should work very well

The best config for any power bar is a "star" type connection ( see DIY power bar in my System for schematic)- where all outlets are connected to a central point, instead of simply connecting them in parallel. It has the same effect as connecting each plug into a wall outlet.

Hold on to your hats now. Output devices & other systems have been suffereing for years for lack of "star" interconnectivity. Sorry. Thats like believing that the holes on the blades of electric plugs are to let the electricity in. All electric panels are parallel distribution.
Gvasale - apologies, I used the wrong term - the method of connection I was referring to is a "BUSBAR", where each outlet is wired directly to a single live and neutral point or rail - as opposed to bridging the wire from outlet to outlet.

I've found this affords a level of isolation between the attached components, similar to installing a dedicated line for the hi-fi isolates it from the electrical noise created by other household appliances connected to the same breaker panel.

Please see Power Bar Wiring (scroll to the bottom)

Willie, If you look at the big picture, you'll see that buss bars & every single or multiple outlets are still wired in parallel, as are the feeds from the
"light poles" so you just can't ever get away from a parallel connection. Are some buss bars better than others?

For sure. Is a buss bar made out of a 1/4" square bars going to show an improbement? I tend to doubt it, unless you system draws 100 amps at idle (just guessing at the capacity of a 1/4" square bar.) I bet someone here would know that one would safely carry.