Crunch time:used preamps $500

Contemplating the following:
Parasound holo p3
anthem tlp-1
adcom 565(which is used to own)
arc ls-3(if im lucky-non-balanced non remote v)
rotel rc 1070
nad-current model (?)
vincent tube hybrid @audio advisor-new

at any rate...any clear favorites in this pack?...or am i splitting hairs?...also...will be adding a sub...and a lcd tv for 2.o quality and reliability is paramount...
What features are you looking for (phono stage, tone controls, ect.). One thing is to make sure that the preamp matches up with your amp. The input impedance of the amp should at least 10 times the output impedance of the preamp.
I have 2 of the Parasound Halo P3's. I can tell you that they are reliable and versatile.
at the moment dont need a tuner or phono(can always add those options) and have no use for tone controls...and in that regard the ARC stands out...however...the anthem does have a tuner which intrigues me to some degree...thanks...can live without remote too....need 2 pre-outs
I've seen good deals on the Rogue 66. I had this preamp and really liked it - even more than the 99 - simpler circuit.
I have been using a classe model thirty for a few years, and really like it. One for sale near your price range right now in fact! Happy searching!

I had the orignal Rogue 99 and the Rogue 66 magnum.
I just bought a Melos Sha-1 and its the most neutral and enjoyable preamp I have owned.
They usually run $450-$500
Ive used two different Parasounds as in-betweeners in various systems.

They all did there job and were better than I thought they would be. I liked the PLD2000 the best.
If you can find one, an n.e.w. P-3 is an excellent sounding class A single-ended triode unit that sells for about $500.