Creek, Arcam, Cambridge - fullness and body

Hi everyone,

I'm currently running an Exposure 2010s2 amp. It's a nice amp but I am longing for a bit more fullness and body to the sound. My local dealer has Creek, Arcam, and Cambridge as options. I'd be looking at the $1,500 range (probably the Creek Evo 5350, Arcam A28, CA 840A). I'm not sure if I'll be able to actually listen to all three, so I'm hoping to get feedback from all of you experienced listeners.

Do any of these amps bring some body and fullness to the mix? I'm not looking for anything excessive, just a decent amount more than my 2010s2 would probably do. If they are all on the thin sounding side then I might have to keep looking.

I will be moving to floorstanding speakers from my Quad 12L2, which should give me some greater scale and probably fullness as well. Which speakers I don't know yet, I am in the process of auditioning. I'll decide on an amp after I know which speakers I'll be using. I suppose it's possible I might even keep the 2010s2, but I think that is unlikely as the amp really is on the leaner side and I'm just finding that isn't what I enjoy. For now I'm just planning and hoping to get some idea as to how each of these contenders might compare.

Of the brands mentioned, I would go with Creek.
You might also consider NAD 375BEE. Very nice for the $ and I would say very "full".
You should determine what speakers you are going to buy before you select an amplifier. Power requirements and amp/speaker synergy are easier to deal with if you know the speaker first, as opposed to staring with the amplifier.
I wish I could edit the topic title. I totally forgot about Simaudio, which this dealer recently added.

Thanks for the suggestions so far.
The Exposure is a killer amp and I don't think the others are more musical.

I'd stay put and assess something else in your system.
1. if you don't feel obligated to your dealer, check out sound by singeer, which is blowing out all the makers you're considering.
2. having owned various cambridge, nad and (currently) arcam, i'd opine that in general arcam tends to a fuller, heftier presence, while cambridge sounds more transparent and neutral; nads are also very dynamic and "full", though to my ears not as refined (and certainly not as reliable) as the others. as others state, you'll want to start with the speakers and perhaps have some sort of exchange right if the synergy doesn't work.
Yes, the Audiolab does it - it sounds a lot more full than the Exposure. Which I like, but the Exposure brings out the low level detail in music better than the Audiolab and also seems to have just a bit more drive and musicality. I'm hoping to more or less combine these two qualities in one amp...I figured Creek might be the one to do it, and I'm leaning in that direction, but I want to be sure it'll give me the kind of sound I'm after.

Lindisfarne, I will be deciding on speakers before I make a move on the amp. I'm still open to keeping the 2010s2 if it sounds good with the new speakers. If I go for speakers that are a bit harder to drive then the extra power of the Creek would be attractive.
Loomis, thanks for the suggestion of Singer Sound. They've got some fantastic deals. I do prefer dealing with a local dealer though, and I've got some items I can trade in. He usually gives good value for trades and it makes things simpler.
fusion, your loyalty is commendable. if you're guy's done right by you, stick by him--a few bucjks won't change your lifestyle.
I had a Rotel RB-1070/RC-1070 combination that was traded in for the Creek Evolution 5350. All I can say is what a difference.

The reason I bring this up is the Rotel stuff did not sound full or have body/warmth. The Creek has this but also maintains the details, though they are not thrown at you. The Creek is more of what I was looking for.