Cream live Royal albert CD / LP

I just saw the DVD and was really impressed with the version of Badge and some of the other classics. This inspired me to dust off my 1991 Eric Clapton Royal Alb dbl. live CD and the badge on this along with the other songs encourage sleep more than a bottle of tylenol PM. Have any of you heard the Cd or LP as I would love to have the best avail two channel recordings of Badge, Sunshine o.y.l. and white room.... I was hoping the Cd was good as I may not be ready to drop $90 on the Vinyl version. Thanks in advance.
I really like the CD. I think the recording is well done and the new song versions are a little freasher. You won't be dissapointed.
All things being equal (which they never are of course-it will depend on what you are playing any of the 3 formats on), the DVD should sound better than the CD as it is a 24/48 recording vs. the 16/44.1 redbook CD version. My understanding is that the vinyl is taken from digital masters but I don't know whether the original digital recording at the event was done beyond 24/48 (say 24/96 or 24/192) which could make the vinyl potentially better.

I have the DVD and it sounds very good but technically not as good as the one DVD Audio I own (done at 24/96); it certainly sounds better than most CD's I own. As much as the performance has been criticized, I think the 3 of them did a great job and really enjoy listening to (and watching) the DVD.

Word is that they are going to play again later this year and I'd really like to see them if they come within a reasonable distance.
I was amazed - I didn't think that Clapton had the chops for Cream music any more. Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker have been involved in jazz/fusion projects over the years and it showed. For the most part the arrangements were fresh and the music was happening.
I enjoyed the DVD so much I figuered 'what the h..' and plopped the 90.00 down on the 3 LP set. I can't say that I have ever heard a better live recording. Very well done.
I listened to side 5 of the lp, including "White Room" and "Toad', and although I appreciated the sound quality, I found the performances a bit disappointing...especially the vocals. The voices have not aged as well, as say Jaggers. Fun album, though, and I bought the lp set at a comparatively reasonable price.
>>The voices have not aged as well, as say Jaggers<<

You're serious right? Jagger had a marginal singing voice 40 years ago. He doesn't "sing" anymore, he basically talks with the music. Jagger at his very best had an ordinary, albeit highly distinguishable, voice.
the reunion album is outstanding.....fresh and vital. for the first time in years, clapton plays the guitar like he's trying to prove himself worthy of his legend. the definitive versions of the songs however are the originals. one would hope these guys could pull off an album of new material. i believe they feed off of,compete with, and complement each other the way great bands always do(witness the stooges reunion). to simply go back to solo projects (as artists anyway) seems a bit cowardly.
Hey Charlie, have you listened to this album, or do have it in for the Jag? Whether you appreciate his voice, or ever did, I find that he is capable of rocking with the energy that few have at lesser his age. Just sharing my opinion on the Cream album, nothing more.
I appreciate your opinion on the Cream album but one of your points was the aging of the vocalists compared to Mick Jagger. In that regard I take issue with you.
Yes I've heard the album and seen the concert. I'll admit that Jack Bruce's voice has deteriorated over time but not nearly as much as Jagger's. Simply put, Mick Jagger can no longer sing. Yes he's acrobatic, yes he still has the moves, yes he still excites the crowd but no he can't sing. Fact of the matter is, Clapton's voice is much better today than both Jagger and Bruce. Perhaps because he never had Bruce's range. Jagger never had any range. However 35 years ago Bruce was far and away the better vocalist of the three.
I've had the vinyl wersion for about two months now. I'm saving it for a rainy day however and have not yet heard it. I am enjoying the DVD though!
Both CD and LP versions are great! Nice to see them back together for this. I can't decide if I like the vinyl or CD better as there are a few cuts I like better on CD and some better on the vinyl, anyways some of the better older stuff released lately!