Couple of simple forum website suggestions

One of the things I find particularly frustrating about the audiogon forum is layout change as ads are loaded and updated. This causes the location of buttons and clickable links to change. I hate it when I'm about to click on a link only to have it jump up or down on the page. A little simple CSS to fix the height of the divs allocated for the ad placements would solve this problem. 

It would also be nice to have a crumb at the bottom of the page to take us back to the current forum section. Some of the threads have a lot of long posts which require scrolling up through the page to get back to the top. 

Many of the other forums I frequent remember the last post in each thread I visit and will take me to the first new post (since my last visit) when I click on the thread. I realize that this is a bit more complicated to implement, but it would certainly make it a lot more enjoyable to use the forum. 


I'm using a couple of ad blockers for Chrome on my Android and I never see ads when using Audiogon.

A "like" button would help cut down on needless posts where people just agree with a prior post.  So, for example, I could have just liked @rocray's post. 

@lowrider57 - I understand the need for ads to support forums like this. Incentivizing users to install an ad blocker to get around less-than-optimal website design is truly a bad business decision on the part of Audiogon, particularly for something that is so trivial to fix. 

I agree with the "like" button.

I also think being able to edit forum titles and their description would be helpful. After a few responses you begin to see how a title was interpreted. Being able to edit the description could potentially help avoid unintended avenues. 

@middlemass - this should not be necessary, and some of the websites I use for my work break when an ad blocker is used. Besides, I want this forum to continue and using an ad-blocker takes the revenue away from them necessary to maintain the site. The Audiogon developers should just implement the simple fixes necessary to prevent the page reflow as ads are loaded and switched.