Cool running, low powered power amp

My regular amp is a Class A, all tube (KT 88’s) affair that runs very warm. For most of the year, it doesn’t matter. But in the dog days of summer, it can become unpleasant in my smallish listening room, where the AC doesn’t reach as well.

My speakers are Volti Razz, which are something like 97 db efficient. My big tube amp is out in California getting repaired, and at the moment, the Volti are enjoying time spent with a Scott 299A. Those 17 wpc are plenty (and sound way better than a 65 year-old amp with original tubes (or at least, tubes marked "H.H. Scott") should. Volti says it only needs to be 8 watts to do the job.

I was thinking of First Watt, or maybe Pass Labs XA 25. But both of those are also Class A. But maybe all Class A are not alike in terms of generating heat. I am not anti-class D, and have had two Class D amps that sounded good, but I’d be more interested in A/B, or cooler running Class A. I'd like to bring it in under $3000, and I am a big fan of used equipment.





+1 BM ahb2.  class H (class A/B w/ voltage rail regulation) with 92% efficiency. Cool running device in a small form factor.  Highly recommended if you are willing to make an invest.  Otherwise, for $660, you could consider Smsl vmv A1 10 watt class A.  

I have the Aleph 2s but in my small room they raise the temp too much, except in the dead of winter.  I swapped in the SMSL VMV A1, a fantastic, 10 watt class A amp that generates no heat compared to the Pass gear.

It'll have you questioning the need for other space heater amps.


Another vote for the Schiit Audio Aegir. Runs very cool and possess amazing sonic attributes without breaking the bank. I also own a Pass Labs Class A amplifier and it definitely substitutes as a room heater.

Decware SE84UFO.  I have one and it pulls like 40 watts of power (less than most SS amps).  it will not heat up your room.  And outperforms many amps I've put it up against that cost several times as much.


Something you could experiment with if it’s feasible for your home is to close off less critical air ducts for your listening sessions. This will give all open vents a boost. Might be all you need and you spent nothing but a minute of your time.