Is there anyway a USB type B input (2.0) can be converted to 3.0? I ask because I use a Windows 11 desktop in order to utilize the Signalyst HQ Player. The computer and a Terminator Plus DAC are connected with a WyWires USB cable. The computer has outputs for USB 3.2 (Gen 2) type C with capability for 10 Gbps. Unfortunately the Terminator Plus only has the older Type B 2.0 USB input. That’s the problem. I’m bottle-necked at 5 Gbps (maybe even less) which works perfectly when upsampling to 48/512 but has frequent drop outs with some music @ 48/1024. Or should I just upgrade my USB cable?


The short answer is no, you cannot convert a USB 2.0 port to USB 3.0 speed. See: Can You Convert USB 2.0 To 3.0? (Answer & Procedure) (

Replacing your USB cable would not provide any benefit unless it is defective and causing dropouts. 


@nmolnar I have frequent dropouts of some, not all, songs when upsampling to 48/1024. I just wondered if there was a way to utilize my computers 10 Gbps output to eliminate that.

@noromance I found this on Denafrips website:

Warning Please note that the RJ45/HDMI ports of DENAFRIPS DDC/DAC are not typical network/multimedia RJ45/HDMI ports. They are purpose-built I²S ports. Please do not connect it to the typical multimedia HDMI port (i.e. Bluray player/TV etc) / Ethernet network.

I wouldn't think it prudent to try connecting any HDMI inputs from the DAC to the computers 10 Gbps Type C output.

Based on the specs, it seems that the DAC supports it's full throughput using USB 2.0. 

You may however have an issue with the USB hub in your motherboard being overworked, or having USB 1.0 items plugged in.  If you have a single USB 1 device I believe everything on the hub has to throttle down.

Assuming you have a desktop, you might want to consider a separate USB card, but USB 2.0 should work.

The only things plugged into my desktop are the Terminator Plus through USB 3.0 and a monitor per HDMI. I emailed Denafrips and asked about future possible 3.0 USB port installation in their DACs. I mentioned the drop outs and they responded saying the T+ can run 1024 with 44.1 but it wasn't made to run 48/1024. I haven't reset to 44.1 yet, but I will set it to that for future use.