Central Maine Audiophiles

I am new to the area and I live near Sebago lake and I am wondering if there are any audiophiles who would like to get together to share music, evaluate equipment and maybe consume some beverages
Isn't Transparent in your state?
I'd give them a call and see if they know of any locals who'd be interested.
I've had the pleasure of spending an evening with Larry and his wife a couple of weeks ago.  Great hosts, and a wonderful system! We had an awesome time playing great music, great food, and yes, we may have consumed a few choice beverages!

Count me in Larry, whenever I am in town!
Thanks Mark I look forward to seeing you the next time you are in town. Hopefully, I won't be running off my generator next time so the internet will be up & I can stream some of your suggestions. Larrry
Thanks for your response Cogito. I live in Casco which is a straight shot up 302 from Portland. How does your schedule look ?
Weekends work best for me, but not until the end of the holidays. I have a Christmas tree in front of my left speaker LOL.
I agree. Maybe we can do a Saturday after the first of the year weather permitting! Larry

Yes, Transparent Audio is located in ME. For those who live in this state,

have any of you guys paid a visit?

Happy Listening!

They are in Saco, in the industrial park. very friendly and helpful. I have a plan to go there later this week. less than 5 miles from my house.
I live on Westport Island, near Wiscasset, Bath, etc.

My Spatial X2s arrive this week, and need to be broken in, but should be available for some fine listening after Valentine's Day.
bbarlow thanks for your response. Interesting speakers.You are more than welcome to come to my place but I am willing to drive and meet other audiophiles who share my love of music. My main speakers are Martin Logan ,Summits and for a change of pace I ordered a pair of PSB T3's. Unfortunately, the high gloss cherry is on back order until March.I can get the black now but I am really tired of black gear. Larry W.
This is the first time I've posted on here. I just saw this central Maine off to the side.... I'm near Farmington, so if anyone is taking a leaf peeper tour this fall, give me a shout and I'd love to meet some fellow audiophiles. Or, for that matter, anytime.
I like a few drinks and a few puffs, some good seafood, and good music. I really enjoy people who have a catalog of music they enjoy and recommend - that way we can pull stuff up on TIdal. 

I have a music room with Odeon Tosca speakers, Emerald Physics, PrimaLuna, Rythmik, NuPrime, etc. Not real high end but high enough to hear most of the music. I'm very interested in acoustics.
If anyone is having a general get together I'd be interested in visiting and listening anywhere from Augusta/Waterville to Portland.