CD Spkr Set-Up ?


just wondering if any of you use CD pink-noise or mono track to set-up your speakers and if so, which CD would you recommend?

I use a white noise CD. I'm sure pink noise is just as good.

Something like this.
I use the Isotek Ultimate system setup disc to set up my speakers & it works a treat (as does their System enhancer cd. Cheers.
XLO Test CD, the out of phase track for speaker set up. Accept no substitutes.
Can you guys go into a little detail on how you use the CD to set up speakers?
For the XLO Test CD speaker set up track, you are instructed to move the speakers around a little at a time while the OUT OF PHASE track is playing on repeat until the sound is coming at you from all around the room, in other words there is no directionality at all to the sound. Then when you play something that is IN PHASE you will get the best stereo reporoduction with the best soundstage.
That Isotek CD…if it's the same one as perviously mentioned…has a cool "sound goes around your head" track. I use one of the Stereophile test CDs sometimes, and that Sound Tools app for an iPhone (real time and frequency stuff). However, nothing beats simply listening to music to tweak things.
"However, nothing beats simply listening to music to tweak things."

You can do that? You have to admit, that does sound a little far fetched. You're kidding, right?
I listen to music to tweak things, but then it's back to pink noise for enjoyment.
Thanks for the tips and advice! I did find one of my 15+ year old XLO CD that has I believe Roger moving around in a space and remember the track telling you to move your speakers incrementally one at a time... It drove the family bats, since I listened to it for long periods of time :)