CD Ripper Ethernet conundrum

Just wanted to contribute that these devices can perform without Ethernet.

Aurender, Innuous, Naim, and Melco, and some others were contacted by customer support. *All* of them insisted Ethernet was required and there was no other option.

I am currently using the BS Vault without Ethernet, going around this by using a “bridge” dongle that utilizes our lame wifi. So far no issues. I can post a link to the product on Amazon if anyone is interested.
Unless I am misunderstanding you, what you are doing is using an WiFi extender to your Bluesound to get the same signal from your router you’d get if you could use an actual direct Ethernet wire to your Bluesound. Which is what I am doing since I cannot right now go wired ethernet from my router to the Bluesound. All those companies equipment work can work that way. It’s just not the best most stable solution. Let us know if I am misunderstanding what you are doing. 
We can get lost in the semantics for sure. Pictures help a lot for the old school folks like me lol.
All of the cd rippers with the exception of Cocktail require ethernet.
To the best of my *limited* knowledge, the solution is referred to as a "bridge". I tried "repeaters" with ethernet connections and failed.

The solution is not expensive and works great. All of these companies should offer the so called dongle and brand it as their own unique adapter

Thanks recluse, although the repeater I have is working well for me, I'm going to try a bridge for a more stable, and perhaps better sounding solution.
I think your question is whether the ripper can access the metadata by WiFi or is a wired connection necessary.  Bluesound works either way.  What the OP did was enhance his or her WiFi.
  I use Melco, which needs a wired connection. As for the other brands, read their product descriptions.  If they don’t have wireless capability, I wouldn’t try the square peg in the round hole thing and try to prove them wrong
So far I have ripped 300 cds successfully to the VAULT without a direct ethernet wired connection.

In cases where the wifi drops, which is rare, the cd rips generically, and all I have to do is rip it again. "Dead files"( ie files with no name) can be eliminated with a pc and a shared network. I have already teansferred files from the pc ripped by db poweramp by just a right click drag and drop. Although, the copy rate is equally slow.

Make no mistake, ripping a large batch of cds is painfully laborious. Make it as easy as possible for yourself. I am preferring the route of ripping at deskside then connecting to system at the end. So far it is working just fine, thanks guys.
Finished ripping in flac . Just under 500 GB. Thought it would be a lot more.

Files can be easily added or removed by a PC shared file access, but...

Editing is needed for a handful of misc stuff. For instance:

Ripped a small box set that included a Billie Holiday album that was erroneously read as Coleman Hawkins, even on the song titles. Very strange. The Cd label, music, and box info correct for Billie Holiday. Tried editing from the PC and it had no effect - also strange.

Saw here from another post by Dribble:

“...when I asked Bluesound they recommended Mp3tag ( Works just fine for me....”

Does anyone use this and is it friendly? Does it cover flac? Anything with mp3 in the title makes me cringe - lol.
Just a word of caution. My PC picked up a corrupted file preventing any practical use. I was unable to reset to a previous state or restore it so I ended up wiping the drive for a fresh start.

Unfortunately, SURPRISE, all material that was ripped by the pc using dbpoweramp and transferred to the vault via shared drive, was also deleted ON THE VAULT!

Wishing I had shut down the vault during this.

Also, any other alternatives to DELL for desktop PC besides Apple/laptops?
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I believe so Aguilar, unless you create a bridge(see OP).

The Node, less $, is wireless.