Cartridge recommendations for Mac

I have a McIntosh MT-2 turntable. Had it for about 2 years, maybe 3 (the years just jumble together at this point). It came with a Sumiko Blue MC cartridge. Considering purchasing an additional cartridge or 2.  Can do MM on the Mac which I previously had on my Marentz TT-15S. Unfortunately that Clearaudio cartridge that came with it is no longer useable.  Any recommendations from those who have also had this unit. Not sure if more info needed. Everything is working just fine   Thought might be nice to have another cartridge or 2 to change out from time to time. Listen to mostly progressive rock with some occasional blues and jazz. Not much else. I know there are other sites that cater to Mac users but I only come here to read the forums everyday and appreciate what everyone has to say.
I have never in 40 years given any consideration to my arm or table. Oh, I did spend a lot of time poring over the same supposedly critical to matching stuff others here will still insist are critical to matching. The one thing I have found where it does matter is the phono stage. Not cartridge/arm, but cartridge/phono stage. That's where you have to pay attention to cartridge output and phono stage noise and gain. MC/MM. That's it. 

So I never ask which cartridge for my table. I ask which cartridge for my ears. Some are lively, some more laid back. Some are in your face, some more recessed. Analytical, neutral, warm. Name your poison- and your budget!
MC I beg to disagree. IMHO the cartridge is way more important. Ric, that tonearm is pretty versatile. Yes, you can use a MM cartridge. The Ortofon 2M Black  is an excellent cartridge as well as the Clearaudio cartridges.
I love getting new cartridges. Have fun.

Don't beg Mike, its unseemly. Especially when there's no reason for it. You haven't disagreed, because I never said the cartridge wasn't important. The OP was asking what cartridge 'for my table' and all I said was not for the table, for your ears. The disagreement would be if you said it doesn't matter how it sounds.  
When you ask for a cartridge advice all you have to tell us is effective mass of your tonearm, everything else is irrelevant. 

Most of the recommendations on audiogon regarding MM cartridges is always mainstream (5 models from different brands, wait and you will see them all), but if you really want something special, a mind blowing experience, you have to search a bit deeper. The problem with MM is that they are no longer high-end. The heyday of Moving Magnet technology is the 70's. What you can buy today for multi thousand dollars is not the best. When MM was trendy it was a long competition between various brands (worldwide) and today you could find some of the best MM ever made for less than it was back then and superior to what you can buy for the same amount of money today. 

Do you know the effective mass of your tonearm ? 

Thx for responses.  Just read the user manual again and no specifications on the tone arm that came with the unit.  I will have to email McIntosh to see if I can get them. If it matters, I originally purchased the turntable without separate phone preamp unit.  Wasn't pleased so got the McIntosh MP100 phono preamp with dramatic improvements.
It’s interesting that they did not bother even to mention effective mass of the tonearm, but McIntosh MT-2 turntable goes with mid compliance cartridge (15cu). It’s weird but even on Sumiko own website the compliance stated as 15cu on the web page but in the manual 12cu stated for some reason. And it supposed to be measured at 10Hz then ? Or at 100Hz ? Manufacturers are not very helpful with all information.

In the review i can read that "the tonearm is constructed from ‘lightweight yet rigid’ dural-aluminium with damping materials. New damping methods have also been applied to the bearings."

I’m pretty sure you could use this NOS cartridge if you really want something special, it’s MM but with the most advanced stylus profile and superb sound quality (and long life span for the tip, way over 1000 hrs). The compliance is high. By best recommendations. If you need help finding them (still factory sealed) ask me, that model is very rare.