Cardas Twinlink Interconnect

Hey all, anyone have any information on this cable. I pick 2 up from my local record store yesterday, used of course, but in great shape.

Maybe I should wait to tell you how much I paid for these.

I will say they sound wonderful into my Jolida 202a. Well worth the cash I spent for the sound I get.

I cant seem to find much info on these though.

Do you have any experience with these?

I've tried lots of cables and any Cardas product with my system is very, very bad indeed. That's not to say that Cardas is a bad cable - only that it is bad with my components in my sytem with me. The same cable can sound excellent or rotten depending on EVERYTHING. You must try the cable in your own system. All this discussion on cables means nothing.
Well I don' know if we should be so defeatist. Then nothing we say means anything. Oh your right well I like the Cardas in my rig but I have them in once spot and they are known to be on the warmer side. These are the Golden reference a different cable but they did take out the hash and the system is not sluggish or muddy but synergy reigns supreme and the glorious holography is accentuated the stage is xepanded the tone full and rich with crystalline clarity such that every detail is retained and very obvious. As I said in the one spot anyway Preamp to Amps.
I also use Silver lace phono IC , a Custom 6 nines Ag Slver PC, an Auydience AU24 PC, AU24s ICs, Dimarzio ICs and The golden Refs then finally plain copper Jena labs speaker wires with spades, uh I forgot the Cardas jumpers and Spade.
The tubes are rolled for the preamp are rolled du jour 6SN7s mostly Sylvania Ws or A or GTs from the early period pre Bad Boy. I have themn too also KRs, Brimars, WGTs Red base 5692s TS RPs, NU grey and black, RCA all, Raytheon type 1 and 2 . etc. .
The inputs are Tungsol, raytheon or sylvania don't roll em much at all 5687s and the drivers are always CV2493s or E88CC-01
I am sure this rig is out there in numerous homes. But the Cardas did make a vast improvement no joke.
I`ve used Cardas for years including the TwinLink. Cardas cables are very well made. They take a long time to burn in but they are warm and muscial. Very easy to listen to and once in the system do not like to be moved. As always try in your system and listen.
Yeah, these were my first "real" upgrade...think I had then running between B&K preamp, an Acurus amp and even some B&W speakers.

Very good for the money.

I gave a pair to a friend of mine...she has 'em on her CD player...and I was switching in some "better" cables...

And get this...I throw on a CD through the "better" cables and she started CRYING. I kid you not. She was not angry, just really bummed...and it took 30 seconds. I apologized, switched 'em back and they have been in place since...

Crazy, but true.