Cardas Power Cords for DAC

I gave up contacting Cardas with questions, as they almost never respond. Even when they do, they tell you nothing, other than ask questions, and then never follow up when you answer them. Shame!

Anyways... looking for a power cord for my DAC. I have Cardas Clear for my Amp and Clear Beyond for my power conditioner, but not sure if they good for a digital source like DAC / Streamer (Ayre QX-5). Would the cheaper Clear M be good for the DAC? Or should I look at other brands? 
Price and brand by themselves in a blind purchase is no assurance of success.

If you are happy with CARDAS already then the risk of a drastically poor choice within that brand is likely diminished.

Intuitively —- even within the same brand venue —I would get the best available within your budget for your source(s) with one caveat:  take it for a test drive first whenever possible .
Thanks @akg_ca  but I still don't know what the recommended Cardas power cord for digital source (DAC / streamer in my case) is.
There simply is no "recommended" power cord model. within CARDAS or virtually any other brand; .....unless already came with the designated one provided by the manufacturer of the electronics.

It’s left to you to do the pedantic stroll down the Yellow Brick Road to AUDIO OZ by actual experimentation ...hands-on ....a swap-in and swap out in direct cord bake-offs.

There will invariably be contenders and pretenders among any brand that you select. CARDAS makes fine cables (I’ve had some models over the years in prior systems) but until you actually do a hands-on A-B shoot-out, how will know that CARDAS is even your best available pick?

CARDAS was good but not a winner in MY system(s) (emphasis added).

My take:

-- Stay in the CARDAS stable for now as the base reference point selected. Consider exchanging your existing CARDAS power cables if necessary as a first step. .
-- Go plug the best CARDAS model available to you within your budget strata into your DAC ; and
-- The power conditioner power cable would be the lowest model choice IMO. The power conditioner is a filter in the first part and invariably the least sensitive . especially so if you potentially lack dedicated power lines from the breaker panel.
 Use the power cord that came with the device that would be the correct one for it. If you feel the need to blow your money for nothing, there are many charities that could put it to better use. 
Agree with most everything @akg_ca  has stated, except this:

The power conditioner power cable would be the lowest model choice IMO.

From my experience, it's the reverse and one of your best power cables should be feeding your power-supply/conditioner. 
In my system my favorite for digital gear is the Triode Wire Labs Digital American.  Pete offers a money back trial period if you don't like it.
You lost me with @akg_ca ...on power conditioner. I agree with @david_ten very important on power conditioner

yes @jackd already in my list. Smart of Pete at TWL to have s specific cable for digital.

And @analogluvr what are you doing here reading and browsing these threads? Perhaps a Good Samaritan you are? In a mission to save people from spending money on 🐍 oil
Have cardas clear beyond xl on all my components power wise
clear beyond ic and speaker cables
matches very well with aurender and
pass gear
however my Berkeley ref Dac prefers
transparent MM2 power 
try first. And see
Anyone has any experience with Essential Sound Products, and more specifically Essence Reference II?

A well known reviewer uses them in his chain
@thyname I have similar components, It will be interesting to see where you end up with the power cable on your DAC or source.
What are your components @mikey8811 ?

I just got a Wireworld Platinum Electra 7 for my DAC, and I am loving it!
Best pc should be on your power distributor/conditioner.

Sources? I like to think that everything flows downstream from sources. I value neutrality, nothing added. So, I use Belden-19364 + Sonarquest plugs on my three digital sources. Very neutral, plugged into my power conds.

If you want a Cardas recommendation, I would favor one of:
- Parsec C15
- Clear-M C15
-Twinlink C15

Parsec and Twinlink are $ friendly and you would be very hard pressed to hear a diff vs. Clear-M.