Campfire Trifecta cable recommendations

After 200 hours break in Campfire Trifecta sounds bright using iBasso and iFi headphone amps. With the supplied balanced cable, the Trifecta sounds better - less bright. Campfire suggests switching to an all copper cable. Any and all experience using balanced all copper cable with this IEM would be much appreciated. In particular has anyone tried Cardas Beyond Clear? (even though it has some silver it is mostly copper)

* Campfire Solaris sounds fine with iBasso and iFi. It's the Trifecta that sounds bright.


Cables don't create "brightness".  They transmit it after it has been created.  trying to tone down what you percieve as overly bright with a cable is 2 wrongs trying to make a right.  Look elsewhere for your problem, probably your source component but possibly in your amp or speakers.


Cardas cables and interconnnects are designed to address typical situations at different levels. At low levels of investment and / or highly detailed components the sound quality tends to be tipped towards the treble with a lot of high frequency hash. Copper tends to be the very warm and calms this down. The lowest levels of Cardas are the warmest and most forgiving. You want the lowest level..

After 200 hours break in Campfire Trifecta sounds bright using iBasso and iFi headphone amps. With the supplied balanced cable, the Trifecta sounds better - less bright.

I’m confused — if the Trifectas sound better with the stock balanced cable then why not just use that, and what other cable are you using that makes them sound bright? C’mon man, help us help you here cause this is just confusing. I’m not familiar with your equipment, but I suppose it’s possible the much more expensive Trifecta is more resolving and may just be exposing shortcomings of your upstream gear. I don’t know, but if that’s possibly the case it’s better to address the source of the problem rather than trying to patch it up with a cable. Would help if you’d give more detail on exactly what components are in your system.

The Trifecta came with balanced and unbalanced cables. The balanced cable sounds less bright but still has an edge to it. I don't hear the brightness with Solaris on either iBasso or iFi players.

The manufacturer suggested trying a pure copper cable to tame the brightness of the Trifecta so I was asking others experience with different cables with the Trifecta.

Thx to ghdprentice about Cardas. Always gratifying when the best solution is also the cheapest.

I’ll ask again — what specific iBasso and iFi players are you using?

DX320 and iCan.

The Solaris sounds fine with these amps as I said in my original post. I was surprised the Trifecta which is also made by Campfire sounds so bright.

Have you listened to the Trifecta?

Maybe it’s worth trying the Amp 13 card with the iBasso (if you’re not already using it of course)?  This review seems to indicate it might be a better fit for something like the Trifecta.  Frankly I find the reviewer to be a bit confusing as he seems to say contradictory things about the same product that I find confusing and frustrating, but weeding through his crap writing this seemed at least worth mentioning in your case.  FWIW and hope this is somewhat helpful.

The Effects Audio Eros S First Anniversary Edition tames the highs on the Trifecta while keeping the transparency. Meatier bass a bonus.

The Eros and the Campfire cables are fine.  A lot of brightness or sibilance in my case were related to choices of tips.  The Trifecta is very picky with them. Patience pays later on with the right ones.