Cambridge Audio 840C

I just spoke to my dealer. He indicated that the player has had it's power supply and DACs upgraded and this is the reason for the recent price increase. Can anyone chime in on that? Has anyone heard this?
Newbrook, I took a look for that review and could not find it. Could you direct me to it?
I have had an 840C for about years, and the DAC's in mine are the same ones specified for the player on the Cambridge website. I subscribe to Stereophile and didn't see a review on the 840C, nor is there any reference to such a review on the Cambridge webstie.
I appreciate your reply. The other important aspect mentioned to me was that the power supply was supposed to have been upgraded and is quieter now. And it was mentioned to me that this was a rolling change. So no change in the model number.

Bumping this back up. Hopefully someone can provide some more info on this subject. I figured I'd get more feed back on this because this is such a talked about player.
Perhaps Newbrook is thinking of Sam Telig's quasi review of the new Cambridge 650C? He actually was complementary of it given the asking price. I do not recall any reviews of the 840C in Stereophile. Sam Telig mentions it in his review of the Cambridge Audio DacMagic, but incorrectly states that the 840C shares Wolfson DACs with their DacMagic and 740C player. the 840C actually uses higher end Analog Devices DACs.

Absolute Sound on the other hand is quite fond of the 840C, giving it rave reviews and a best buy nod.
Sent my 840C in for repair, Dec 2009. I asked Audio Plus Serv. rep (North America) if the 840C had any design upgrades since my model was manufactured. He said they use better capacitors in the power supply now, which my player did not have. He said everything else has stayed the same since the player was first introduced. He said they install these power supply caps on any 840Cs returned for repair, normal practice. So evidently I have these new capacitors now installed. Sounds great.
Stereophile has not reviewed the 840C. They already have enough Class A players listed for the moment. :-)
It now looks like the Sony XA5400ES has dethroned the Cambridge as the best digital source under $5k...
everything is NOT the same since the player was introduced. I have the software update sitting right in front of me, lacking only the NERVE to plug the darn thing in for the update.
You'll need a Windows computer and a Null Modem Serial cable to DO the update, not to mention the nerve.

While I LOVE this player, the DAC section simply does NOT like poorly clocked signals.....Like my AirPort Express.